Mag-Drive Pump suits corrosive liquid applications.

Press Release Summary:

Chemsteel® Mag-Drive Pump, RM102, handles corrosive liquid applications that require ½ gpm at 1,725 rpm and differential pressure of 110 psi. With compact, close-coupled design, unit is offered in 316 stainless steel or Alloy C construction, with carbon or Teflon® bearings, and metallic or non-metallic gears. Connections are ¼ in. female NPT or BSP. Housing seals with elastic memory prevent leakage of corrosives, and gear/bearing design allows trimming.

Original Press Release:

Oberdorfer Pumps Offers a Chemsteel® Mag-Drive 1/2 GPM Pump!

Pumping corrosive liquids just got faster! Oberdorfer Pumps is pleased to announce the new Chemsteel® Mag-Drive 1/2 GPM Pump. The RM102 is perfect for applications that call for half a gallon a minute at 1725RPM and differential pressure of 110PSI. It's compact, close-coupled design makes it sixty percent lighter than it's counterpart the SM103. This model is available in 316 Stainless Steel or Alloy C constructions with carbon or Teflon® bearings. Other options include metallic or non-metallic gears.

Some key attributes include:

o Gear & bearing combinations of metallic and non-metallic wear surfaces

o Slotted bearings to lubricate shaft and gear surfaces.

o Ample port sizing to reduce the likelihood of cavitation when inlet pressure is marginal.

o Effective housing seals with elastic memory prevent leakage of corrosives.

This particular Chemsteel 1/2 GPM pump has a gear/bearing design that allows "trimming" for optimizing the pump's maximum flow to reach minimum turndown or to match flow to a specific OEM's requirement. The connections are 1/4" female NPT or BSP. The pump hardware is metric and close coupled adapters mount to both NEMA and IEC standard motor frame sizes for world wide acceptance.

A three-part housing provides easy disassembly and service. Full size bearings match the gear diameter, and eliminate the need for separate wear plates. TFE encapsulating silicone o-ring pump housing seals provide elastic memory to assure an effective long lasting seal and thus avoiding the re-torquing required of pumps using pure TFE.

Oberdorfer Pumps are manufactured in Syracuse, New York, USA. They are located at 5900 Firestone Drive, Syracuse New York, 13206. For literature and sales inquiries call 1-800-448-1668. Website:

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