Made in American Technology Helps Fight the High Cost of Heating your Home

The Reverse Cycle Chiller - RCC(TM) is a smart alternative that provides the flexibility of green design, renewable energy plus energy savings


We shutter when we see the rising cost to fuel our cars and now it's hitting us hard at home. Home fuel oil prices have risen to over $4.70 per gallon and LP Gas has set new record prices of over $3.00 per gallon in some areas of our country. This is alarming and sad that the end is not in sight. Now there is an easy solution, thanks to the original made in the USA, REVERSE CYCLE CHILLER(TM) by Aqua Products Company, Inc. With the Reverse Cycle Chiller - RCC(TM) you're no longer are limited to the higher operating cost of most heating systems including fossil fuels, standard DX heat pumps and DX ground loop heat pumps.

The Reverse Cycle Chiller - RCC(TM) is a smart alternative that provides the flexibility of green design, renewable energy plus energy savings. This original design provides the additional benefit of allowing you to use your hot water solar system for free heat. The Reverse Cycle Chiller - RCC(TM) is a unique total electric Air Source Heat Pump that produces hot water for heating or chilled water for air conditioning and dehumidification. It uses the same water over and over again and uses as little as a cup of water a year. The RCC(TM) meets the highest standards by using the new green class of R-410A refrigerant selected by the majority of the American HVAC Manufacturers. The unique design of our RCC allows it to produce 40°F chilled water for summer cooling or up to 115°F hot water for forced air or radiant floor heating. The original RCC was built using only a York® 10 SEER Heat Pump and was installed in Michigan about 11 years ago and is still operating strong even down to -15º F.

The simple compressor technology of the RCC works on the same principle as a bicycle pump. The heat that you felt when using your bicycle pump is why the RCC can produce a Coefficient of Performance (COP) - up to 6 times greater than most fossil fuel. COP of our RCC(TM) is the ratio of useful hot water output to the electric energy input. The RCS is able to move more energy than it consumes by taking advantage of the large amount of heat absorbed and released when the refrigerant evaporates and condenses. Even at 0°F the COPs of our Aqua Plus Model is a +2. Our RCC(TM) then uses the hot water carried in a piped circuit, you now have the option of using standard or high pressure central forced air systems, multiple ductless fan coils, and/or even employ the added comfort of radiant floor heating systems.

Our RCC sets a new higher standard of flexibility of application and installation. Simply put; the Reverse Cycle Chiller - RCC(TM) puts the benefits of a hot water / chilled water system within reach of most home owners.


For simplicity of design and installation the Reverse Cycle Chiller - RCC (TM) provides heating and cooling in one total electric system. It can be designed for your new home or installed in an existing home. The Reverse Cycle chiller(TM) is an air source heat pump designed for the maximum heating load of your home. The RCC(TM) breaks all the traditional rules you have heard about standard DX Heat Pumps. The Reverse Cycle Chiller(TM) uses two insulated pipes and a buffer tank that delivers water in a closed loop system for hot water heating or chilled-water cooling. It normally uses less than a quart of water/glycal a year. Because it's an air-source system it requires no geothermal water wells or ground pipes installed.

Aqua Products Company, Inc, incorporated in 1993, is a manufacturer of high quality small tonnage chiller systems. We manufacture 1 ton chiller systems through 20 ton chiller systems. Aqua Products is the frontrunner in chiller technology, serving many industries including dry cleaning, medical, brewery, bakery, winery, restaurant, marine, potable water, air conditioning, plastics.

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