Macro Sensors Miniature LVDTs Ensure Accurate Measurements of BiliCare(TM) Noninvasive Bilirubin Meter

Pennsauken, NJ – Gerium Medical's BiliCare™ Noninvasive Bilirubin Meter for neonatal jaundice screening is using a Macro Sensors Miniature LVDT Linear Position Sensor as a component of the sophisticated measuring technique that ensures accurate calculation of transcutaneous bilirubin levels in a newborn without puncturing the skin, thus reducing the risk for infection.

Traditionally, newborns are screened for high bilirubin levels to assess the risk of neonatal hyperbilirubinemia by taking blood samples through heel sticks. The new BiliCare™ system reduces the number of heel punctures by accurately measuring the level of transcutaneous bilirubin in a noninvasive manner.

Based on spectroscopy, the patented BiliCare™ technology measures the level of transcutaneous bilirubin in newborns born at the gestational age of 24 weeks and above, and of all races without regards to skin color, by transmitting light at different wavelengths through the outer ear. The amount of light absorbed by the bilirubin is calculated by comparing the intensity of the light before it enters the tissue with its intensity after it leaves. The transcutaneous bilirubin of the newborn is, then, calculated according to a customized algorithm.

Macro Sensors CD Series Miniature AC LVDT Linear Position Sensors measure the thickness of the neonates tissue through which the transmitted light passes. With a compact 3/8” diameter design, these lightweight AC-operated LVDTs are suitable as integral parts of medical devices with tight space restrictions and high accuracy requirements. The LVDT sensor has shown to achieve an accuracy of +/- 30 microns in tissue thickness measurement.

“Macro Sensors LVDT Position Sensors are very reliable, steady and accurate mechanisms that provide a very good solution for tissue thickness measurement,” notes Eyal Gerber, Co-Founder of Gerium Medical Ltd. and Product Manager of BiliCare™. “Chosen for its accuracy, we are very satisfied with its overall performance.”

On the market since May 2014, the BiliCare™ Noninvasive Bilirubin Meter underwent numerous successful clinical studies that validated product accuracy. Available in key markets, the BiliCare™ is used in hospitals and medical centers. More information on the BiliCare™ Noninvasive Bilirubin Meter is available at or by contacting Eyal Gerber at

For more information on Macro Sensors CD Series Miniature AC LVDT Position Sensors and how they serve as ideal measurement components in noninvasive medical devices, please refer to the company web site at or contact the factory at:

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Gerium Medical's mission is to develop state-of-the-art medical devices in the field of medical optics. Gerium Medical’s newest product, BiliCare™, measures transcutaneous bilirubin in newborns using a non-invasive method. Future products will measure other substances from other parts of the human body. Visit their website at:

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