Maclan's "Original" Solid Urethane Flume Ride Wheel Reduces Maintenance Costs for Amusement Parks

Lakeland, FL - Maclan's "Original" Solid Urethane Flume Wheel reduces cost and down time for wheels exposed to water.

Flume Rides started popping up in amusement parks and state fairs in the early 1960s.  Traditional flume ride wheels of that period were designed with pneumatic tires and metal hubs.  Over time, the metal hub would become oxidized, sometimes even causing damage to the ride itself.

Maclan's engineers eliminated this problem with the solid urethane flume wheel.  The unique design of the urethane offers superior impact resistance and increased tread life.  With no metal to damage, Maclan's engineers actually found that the inner part of the hub would wear faster that than the outer part.  Their response was to develop a replaceable Delrin® or UHMW insert to extend the life of the hub.

Although others have copied Maclan by producing solid urethane flume wheels, Maclan's unique design offers a vital difference from their competition with an interlocking hub that makes for a far superior mechanical bond.

Because Maclan's solid urethane wheels are disposable, customers no longer incur the cost of shipping used wheels back for stripping and replacing worn urethane out of the metal hubs. For those customers still using metal hubs Maclan can still reduce costs, by relining the old metal hubs.

Maclan can customize their flume wheels to their customers' needs. For example, when a customer wanted a smoother ride, Maclan used softer urethane for better impact resistance. Maclan manufactures flume wheels in a variety of diameters, widths, and hardness. They keep a large inventory available for immediate delivery. Maclan’s wheels can be found on rides in parks all over the country. 

For information on how to save with the "Original Solid Urethane Wheel" visit or call 863-665-4814

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