Mack Technologies Chooses Universal Instruments' Fuzion Platform

Award-winning EMS company adds capacity and doubles utilization while also enhancing technical capabilities and operational flexibility.

Mack Technologies, a leading provider of contract electronic manufacturing solutions, has chosen Universal Instruments’ Fuzion® Platform solutions to boost efficiency for its high-mix product requirements and increasing volume demands. The company has issued purchase orders for an initial deployment of six machines to be installed in Mack’s Massachusetts and Florida manufacturing operations. Fuzion was selected based on its unique architecture and software tools with the ability to significantly improve productivity and utilization in higher-mix environments, while also enabling higher volume efficiencies for Mack’s Mexico manufacturing operations.

“We’ve enjoyed years of success and built a substantial customer base with our current Universal lines. More importantly, we’ve experienced the high level of support and partnership that Universal has provided,” said Mack Technologies President, Will Kendall. “While we value the historical relationship we have forged with Universal, as part of this selection process we evaluated numerous equipment options. Through a thorough review of each vendor’s equipment technical capabilities, operational flexibility, and overall support, we came to the conclusion that Universal continued to provide the best solution for our business. As a result, we’re absolutely thrilled to continue our strong relationship with Universal and integrate the flagship Fuzion platform as our business continues to grow. Being a stable and debt-free company allows Mack financial flexibility to make significant capital investments to maintain a leading position in the EMS industry to support highly complex products destined for demanding end markets.” Kendall continued, “The preliminary analysis shows that the Fuzion platform will double our utilization and help us maximize OEE, while simultaneously expanding our technical capabilities to best support future product complexities and designs from customers.”

The FuzionXC2-37 variant will be installed in both Mack’s Massachusetts and Florida operations as part of the initial equipment deployment. The FuzionXC2-37 utilizes more than twice the feeder inputs of traditional surface mount platforms to accommodate multiple products and flexible feeder setups, thereby streamlining or eliminating changeovers. It handles a full range of components from 01005 passives to 150 mm connectors, while accommodating large boards up to 1300 mm x 610 mm and a full range of inputs types. Mack will install the initial equipment in a phased approach to minimize impact to existing operations with the longer term plan of converting all existing production lines to the Fuzion platform.

Fuzion platform software features high-efficiency tools including on-line component auto-teach and on-the-fly production editing to expedite NPI and ramp to volume, and deliver 100% first-pass yield.

“Fuzion will be a powerful tool for Mack, and is particularly complementary in such a high-mix environment. It will not only increase output and yields across a varied product range, but will also considerably reduce overall cost of operation,” noted Universal Instruments Vice President of Customer Operations, Brad Bennett. “We’re eager to see the results and are actively engaged with the Mack team as they progress through the transition phase. We look forward to providing continued support with the experienced service teams we have local to each of Mack’s three sites,” he added.

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