Machinists Inc. Creates Parts for World's Largest Underwater Observatory

At 10,000 feet down to the Pacific Ocean floor, off the Washington, Oregon coast, the pressures are incredible.

It’s called the Regional Scales Nodes Project, a joint project of the University of Washington and the National Science Foundation. Machinist Inc. is building titanium components for the project, very high pressure cylinders, where the scientists will place their electronic monitoring equipment, and also the titanium frameworks where all these monitoring devices will be placed and installed onto the sea floor.

It is the largest underwater observatory in the world, giving real time data back to the scientists who are watching the movement on those plates. At the same, its giving real time information on things related to climate change, changes to the ocean atmosphere and other affects on ocean life in that area.

Machinist Inc. has been building deep water equipment for a long time, according to MI sales and estimating. MI understands the real world circumstances that impact their customer’s designs and helps them develop workable solutions.

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