Machining Center multi-tasks small, complex parts processing.

Press Release Summary:

Suited for machining components with round, square, or angular features, INTEGREX i-150 Multi-Tasking Center features single horizontal, 15 hp main spindle for turning and C-axis control with 6 in. through hole chuck. Bar capacity is 2.56 in., and simultaneous 5-axis surfacing is also possible. Solution also employs 10 hp, 12,000 rpm milling spindle mounted on vertical rotating B-axis, which features roller cam, non-coupling design, and absolute feedback scale.

Original Press Release:

Introducing the Mazak INTEGREX i-150 Powerful Multi-Tasking for Small, Complex Parts

(FLORENCE, KENTUCKY) - Enhanced Done-In-One processing for small, highly accurate and complex parts receives a big boost with the launch of the INTEGREX i-150 Multi-Tasking Center. With its ultra-compact footprint and a host of leading technology features, the INTEGREX i-150 is ideal for medical appliance manufacturers and high-precision component machining involving round, square or angular features. Even simultaneous 5-axis surfacing is possible with minimum operator intervention.

The INTEGREX i-150 configuration consists of a single horizontal, 15 Hp main spindle for turning and C-axis control with a 6-inch through hole chuck. Bar capacity is 2.56 inches, generous for this size machine. Machining center capability is provided through an integral 10 Hp, 12,000 rpm milling spindle (optional 20,000 rpm) mounted on the vertical rotating B-axis. The B-axis features Mazak's roller cam, non-coupling design and an absolute feedback scale for high accuracy positioning and 5-axis contouring through a -10° to +190° range. Y-axis travel has been expanded to ± 3.94 inches (± 100 mm). Rapid feed rate of 1,576 ipm in the X, Y, and Z linear axes improves throughput.

Other unique features of the INTEGREX i-150 include an innovative work-handling device, acting both as an NC tailstock and a workholding vise to pick the part from the spindle, index it to 45° or 90° for angled or backside operations, and even unload finished parts onto a conveyor. The benefits of this internal workholding system include more operations in one setup, more consistent accuracy, and the opportunity for unattended operations over longer periods.

Intelligent machine functions = accuracy and reliability
The INTEGREX i-150 boasts the most comprehensive array of machine intelligence to date. Achieving long-term accuracy is accomplished through three modules:
o Active Vibration Control, which optimizes acceleration and deceleration parameters during changes in direction through the extensive look-ahead capabilities in the Mazatrol Matrix CNC control.
o Intelligent Thermal Shield, a comprehensive algorithm that differentiates dynamic thermal impact (for example, spindle rotation) from static thermal impact (base or column structure growth) to arrive at the proper displacement adjustment. Multiple sensors retrieve the thermal data for processing.
o Intelligent Performance Spindle Monitoring is accomplished through a series of sensors located in the spindle housing to analyze factors including temperature, vibration, and displacement to avoid unexpected machining errors and maintenance interventions.

Safety and reliability issues are also impacted by machine intelligence features:
o Intelligent Safety Shield is a dynamic, 3-D simulation of machine components, tooling, fixturing, and workpiece all displayed on the CNC control screen. Manual stepping of the part program identifies any interference situations, halts machine movements, and allows safe corrections to be made in advance of production.
o The Mazak Voice Advisor allows the CNC to "talk" with the operator during setup, verbalizing machine settings and issuing safety advice for secure operations.
o An Intelligent Maintenance Support function monitors the status of perishable items and logs the history of major machine sub-assemblies. Pop-up windows alert the operator to specific required maintenance and allow shop management to develop a tailored preventive maintenance program.

The machine is ergonomically friendly as well, with all maintenance sight gages grouped on a single panel. The INTEGREX i-150 features a front-loading tool magazine housing either 36- or 72-tools within easy access by the operator, even while the machine is cutting. Amazingly, all this capacity sits within a 58 square foot footprint for the base machine, the most compact in its class.

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