Machining Center features 450 x 350 mm table.

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Featuring linear guide ways with 8 rows of small balls, YMC430 Micro Center provides XYZ travels of 400 x 300 x 250 mm and table loading capacity of 100 kg. System offers spindle speeds to 40,000 rpm, rapid travel of 20,000 mm/min, and feed rate of 10,000 mm/min. For sub-micron accuracy tool measurement, YMC430 includes DYNA Vision System, which features 600X magnification lens and CCD camera, and detects tools using 250,000 sensors at 0.7 µm/pixel.

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Yasda Increases Accuracy and Capacity of its Popular Micro Center with Introduction of the YMC430

Elk Grove Village, IL - The success of Yasda Precision America Corporation's YMC325 Micro Center has prompted the company to develop a second machine with higher accuracies and capacities. Boasting the same robust construction, linear motor drive for all axes and advanced features as the YMC325, the new YMC430 Micro Center is also equipped with newly developed linear ball guide ways and a larger table working surface.

For the highest surface quality and precision, the YMC430's linear guide way consists of 8 rows of small balls and a longer bearing case than a conventional linear ball guide way. More contact creates improved stiffness for damping and straightness capabilities.

Allowing for large work piece capacities, the YMC430 travels are 400(X) mm x 300(Y) mm x 250(Z) mm, table size is 450 mm x 350 mm and table loading capacity is 100 kg.

As with the YMC325, the YMC430's non-physical contact and high servo response drive eliminate backlash and ensure long-term operation. To reduce thermal distortion, the Micro Center is equipped with a thermal distortion stabilizing system. A gas pressure balancer improves motion accuracy and stabilizes balancing for Z axis.

The YMC430 features a thermally symmetric and low gravity structure. Due to reduced vibration, high acceleration/deceleration motion and high dynamic response on axial motion are achieved. A low friction cover further improves axial motion and feed stability. The highly rigid column of the YMC430 minimizes vibration on the Z-axis motion, while rigid bed provides consistent accuracy over time. Peripheral devices of the YMC430 are separated and isolated from vibration and heat.

For sub-micron accuracy tool measurement, the YMC430 includes a state-of-the-art DYNA Vision System. Featuring a 600X magnification lens and high pixel CCD camera, this system detects tools using 250,000 sensors at 0.7 µm/pixel. The high-speed shutter captures the rotating tool as a still image at up to 1500m/min surface speeds.

Consistent with the YMC325, spindle speeds reach 40,000 rpm , rapid travel 20,000 mm/min.; and feed rate 10,000 mm/min. (HAS-3).

To learn more, contact Yasda Precision America Corporation, 62 North Lively Boulevard, Elk Grove Village, IL 60007, Phone: (847) 439-0201, Fax: (847) 439-0260, e-mail: or visit

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