Machine Screws are completely non-magnetic.

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Machine Screws, Nuts, and Washers are made from non-magnetic titanium material (TW270 type I and TW340C type II) and are available in sizes from M2-M12 in socket head, pan head, and flat head styles. Non-magnetic characteristics (0 Magnetic Flux Density) and chemical resistance provide solution for semiconductor protection equipment and devices, aircraft, spacecraft, medical instruments, and robotic assemblies.

Original Press Release:

Titanium Machine Screws, Nuts and Washers

The Precision Alliance introduces a new line of completely non-magnetic Titanium machine screws from NBK Japan. The Titanium material (TW270 type I and TW340C type II) is specially suited for lightweight applications, non-magnetic applications, and applications requiring a very high strength to weight ratio. With sizes ranging from M2-M12 and three head styles (socket head, pan head, and flat head), these screws are ideal for aircraft, spacecraft, medical instruments and robotic assemblies. The non-magnetic characteristics (0 Magnetic Flux Density*) and excellent chemical resistance provide solutions for semiconductor protection equipment and devices. The specialty fastener program of NBK allows users to purchase a single stocked fastener without paying a premium. Since all parts in this program are produced in larger quantities the cost is very competitive and parts are always available from stock within a week of order. In addition to the stocked screws, NBK welcomes the opportunity to produce even very small quantities of custom screw designs made for individual customer requirements. For more information, visit or contact The Precision Alliance via email or telephone (803) 396-5544.

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