Machine peforms all structural fabrication functions.

Press Release Summary:

Employing plasma cutting and precise positioning technologies, Ring of Fire Thermal Processor can process all AISC structural shapes including beams, columns, angle iron, channel iron, HSS square and rectangular tubes, as well as plate and flat stock. System features self-contained dust collection and filtration system, and utilizes no oils or coolants. Capabilities include bolt hole generation, cut-off, surface bevels, weld prep, coping, and electronic marking.

Original Press Release:

New Thermal Processor - The Peddinghaus "Ring of Fire"

Peddinghaus Corporation was pleased to introduce a new concept creation - unveiled at the NASCC Conference in Phoenix, AZ in April, 2009. The many visitors to the conference were eager to experience first hand, this new thermal processing technology that progressive fabricators are embracing for the future growth of their firms.

The "Ring of Fire" employs the capacity to effectively process ALL AISC structural shapes including beams, columns, angle iron, channel iron, HSS square and rectangular tubes, as well as plate and flat stock. Thus, this one machine can perform ALL typical functions of today's fabrication shop - from holes to marking to cut off and coping.

The Revolutionary Machine that Performs ALL Structural Fabrication Functions

The "Ring of Fire" employs plasma cutting and precise positioning technologies to obtain the following standard structural fabrication requirements:

o Only machine to process ALL four sides of structural tube

o Precise AISC approved bolt hole generation

o Serves as a cut-off device for running multiple sections

o Accurate surface bevels and weld prep for all shapes/sizes

o Achieve the entire range of all standard copes: including flange thinning

o Process all interior web/flange cuts for building electrical, heating, ventilation, etc

o Legible electronic marking which replaces laborious shop layout

All of this is available in a compact design that requires a small shop footprint. The Ring of Fire maintains the ability to revolutionize shop fabrication practices as we know them today. The functions of sawing, drilling, coping/burning, and layout of the typical structural fabrication shop are addressed with the Ring of Fire.

Environmentally Friendly

The Peddinghaus Ring of Fire meets your needs for "Green Fabrication":

o Self Contained dust collection and filtration system standard

o Small machine footprint saves valuable shop space

o No oils/coolants required which require disposal

o Fast/efficient plasma cutting system

Skilled Labor Availability an Issue in Many Shops

The NASCC conference revealed a continued disturbing trend in the structural fabrication industry - the on-going lack of qualified, skilled labor in the fabrication shop. This problem continues to erode the effectiveness of structural steel in the price battle with concrete in building construction.

The "Ring of Fire" effectively combats this problem with the capacity to address many shop functions into one effective, automated system. The reduction of excessive material handling processes (such as crane handling) coupling with the multi-functional dynamic of the Ring of Fire create a new future for the steel construction industry.

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