Machine In a Box - AP&T’s Package Solution for Linear Automation Paves The Way for Integrators

Linear robots built from standard components and delivered in complete packages for quick installation - this is a quick overview of Machine in a Box, AP&T’s customer-oriented concept for automation aimed at local internal and external integrators. It is now available in both the U.S. and Europe.

“Our automation products are more than just key components in AP&T’s newly manufactured production lines. Over half of the machines we sell are used for automation of both new and older production solutions, or they are installed in material handling systems by local integrators,” says AP&T Product Manager Automation Martin Sahlman.

It´s for the purpose of facilitating for this customer segment and getting closer to end customers that AP&T developed Machine In a Box. The business model means that the integrator is responsible for project management and sales, while AP&T’s undertaking is limited to delivering the automation equipment.

“With the integrator’s specification as a base, we produce a product based on our modular system of standard components. This allows us to substantially reduce lead times from order to delivery, at the same time that we ensure the end customer obtains a reliable, tested and quality-assured machine from a local integrator.”

AP&T has successfully used the concept in North America since 2011 through its regional office. From this year it is also possible to purchase locally integrated automation products from AP&T’s European office in Germany, which also entails advantages like local project management, sales and service. At the same time, AP&T is taking steps to expand its network of external integrators to achieve an even broader circle of end customers.

The first two end customers to select a Machine In a Box solution from AP&T in Germany are an appliance producer and a supplier of surgical instruments to the medical industry. AP&T in Germany integrated AP&T’s linear robots into their production lines. In both cases, the equipment is used for sheet metal forming, but AP&T’s linear robots are also used in entirely different industries.

“It’s true, our technology is also suitable for handling food, glass, wood products and tires, to name just a few examples. We are already one of the biggest players in standardized modular linear robots, but by widening the market with additional application areas and new internal and external integrators, we want to reach even more customers with our excellent and competitive products,” says Martin Sahlman.

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