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Machine Control enhances dynamic picking system operation.

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Feb 13, 2013 - Designed for smaller warehouses and stand-alone solutions, Logicontrol 100 basic part locator provides reliable and safe machine control for Shuttle XP VLMs and Megamat RS vertical carousel. Features include numeric keyboard and OPGraphic HMI, available with full color touchscreen operation. Logicontrol 200 adds location management feature. Single control operates up to 3 storage systems and manages up to 1,000 different articles, 8,000 storage locations, and 7 bin sizes.

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Kardex Remstar Introduces a New Control for Dynamic Picking Systems

Press release date: Feb 11, 2013

The new Logicontrol machine control is designed specifically for smaller warehouses and stand-alone solutions. For use with Shuttle Vertical Lift Modules (VLMs) and Megamat RS vertical carousels, the Logicontrol combines hardware, basic software and an operator terminal into a new innovatively designed touch-screen control. Depending on the needs of the user, Logicontrol is available in two different versions.

"Our goal was to  develop a simple and efficient control that is easy to handle and ergonomically designed," explains Marc Zenses, Director of Product Management at Kardex Remstar. The outcome is a new and innovative machine control with low levels of complexity making pen and paper in the warehouse a thing of the past.

The new solution provides users not only with a reliable and safe machine control but also with a simple and convenient inventory management system that allows users to check inventory levels at any time. Unlike the PC based Kardex Remstar solutions offered for more sophisticated warehouse management activities, Logicontrol is an entirely controller based solution that does not require a PC workstation. One single control can operate up to three storage systems, and manage up to 1,000 different articles, 8,000 storage locations and seven bin sizes.

In addition to the numeric keyboard, the new operator panel offers a standard OPGraphic feature, providing the user with an HMI-interface. The OPGraphic is optionally available with full color touch-screen operation for added simplicity. Just a few clicks and the operator can easily find the requested SKU, without having to take off their working gloves.

Logicontrol 100 ("Pen and Paper") is a basic part locator that is included as standard with the Shuttle XP VLM and Megamat RS vertical carousel. The new Logicontrol replaces all conventional pen and paper-based applications. A simple item list allows users to manage up to 1,000 SKUs and easily store and retrieve items. Using the Logicontrol 100, the operator must assign an item to a storage location.

Logicontrol 200 ("Location Management") offers all functions of Logicontrol 100 plus a location management feature that assigns items to a storage location using dynamic or fixed locations, allowing users to keep track of material flow and inventory levels at all times. Logicontrol 200 can manage up to 1,000 different SKUs, 8,000 storage locations and seven bin sizes. Users can pick in FIFO order when desired. Logicontrol 200 maintains a history transaction file and print-outs of basic reports are also possible.

In combination with an external keyboard both versions are also available as Logicontrol 100K or 200K.

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