Machine combines shearing, press-braking, and rolling.

Press Release Summary:

TRI-FAB Model 52P features shearing and rolling capacity of 52 in. x 12 ga mild steel and press braking capacities of 12 ga at 36 in. and 14 ga at 52 in. Machine will cut stainless steel up to 0.072 in. Rotating shafts are journalled in bronze bearings, and shear blades are Grade T10 tool steel. Manually-operated back gauge is standard, and can be positioned for use with shear or press brake as needed.

Original Press Release:

TRI-FAB Model 52P

TRI-FAB Model 52P is a unique, power-operated combination shearing, press-braking and rolling machine that will fill the requirements of a wide range of shops such as the home shops, model shops, small shops with moderate production needs, general sheet metal shops, and even large shops that could use a machine for testing, experimenting and uses other than production. The shearing and rolling capacities are 52" x 12 ga. mild steel; press braking capacity is 12 ga. at 36" and 14 ga. at 52". The machine will cut stainless steel up to 0.072".

Frames of the machine are amply-sized castings; rotating shafts are journalled in bronze bearings; shear blades are Grade T10 tool steel. The upper and lower press-brake dies are standard equipment; and the upper die is segmented for facilitating
box and pan and other bending. The bending roll is the initial-pinch (slip) type; and the upper front roll can be opened for removal of completed cylinders. A manually-operated back gauge is standard and can be positioned for use with the shear or
with the press brake as needed. All three functions are at convenient working heights.

Thus, although this is a combined machine, its features and operation are very much like those on the individual machines; and very little if anything is sacrificed for all the advantages that this machine offers.

Other TRI-FAB models have capacities of 40" and 52" x 19 ga. and are manually operated.

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