M3 Series Handheld Computers Add New Form Factors to Glacier's Existing Product Line of Rugged Computers

Glacier Computer, a leading developer and supplier of rugged industrial computers announces a new line of rugged handheld computers through a partnership with M3 Mobile.

The M3 Series handheld computers are designed with many of the same attributes as Glacier's Everest Series of vehicle mounted computers such as high quality ruggedization and complete configuration flexibility.

"The M3 deal completes a very important phase of the strategy to broaden our product line. With our expanded line of hardware options combined with industry solutions from alliance partners, our customers need only one stop for all of their rugged data collection needs, "says Ron D'Ambrosio, CEO of Glacier.

The M3 Series has a variety of models from which to choose. Each is based on an innovative design using board-level ruggedization techniques, providing an ultra light and durable form factor. The M3 series also includes many standard features and options that would be purchased add-ons from most other competitors. Weighing less than 12 ounces, the M3 Series has been drop tested from 5 feet and sealed to an IP65 rating. The three year warranty demonstrates the confidence in a product line with an installed base of over 300,000 units and a documented failure rate of less than 1.5%.

Glacier's initial launch includes:

The M330-multi-functional, Windows CE.

The M340-Windows Mobile, Rated IP65.

The M350-Healthcare environments-Silver Nano(TM) casing to withstand repeated sterilizations

In January 2010, Glacier will launch the M300 & M305, a truly rugged PDT for inside/outside the four walls. The M300 & M305 offers all the latest features in communications and is sealed to IP65 rating and 6 foot drop tested to concrete.

Learn more about the M3 Series Handheld Computers at glaciercomputer.com/hanhelds.html

About Glacier Computer
Glacier Computer develops versatile, rugged industrial computing solutions for harsh environments. Our key markets include warehousing, field service, medical and government. Glacier offers mobile solutions ranging from fixed vehicle mount terminals, portable tablets, rugged laptops, and wearables to rugged handheld computers. The core ingredients of the company are knowledgeable staff, array of quality/value conscious products, strategic partners and focused customer service. Glacier employees are committed to and share in the mutual success of our business, partners and customers.

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