M.I.C.R. Compliant Ink works with inkjet printers.

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Suited for printing checks, images, and high-quality documents, VersaInk(TM) has magnetic characteristics that provide accurate, automatic readings of checking account numbers and institutional routing numbers required by banks and retail outlets. Its composition provides protection against fading and fraudulent alterations. It is available for printers from Hewlett Packard, Canon, and Epson.

Original Press Release:

Revolutionary New Security Technology! For the First Time Available: M.I.C.R. Ink for Inkjet Printers!

San Diego, CA - G7 Productivity Systems announces the release of VersaInk(TM), the only M.I.C.R. compliant ink for printing checks, images and high-quality documents. The strong magnetic characteristics of VersaInk provide highly accurate, automatic readings of checking account numbers and institutional routing numbers now required by banks and retail outlets. In the past, only expensive M.I.C.R. toner was available for in-house check printing. With the majority of households and businesses owning inkjet printers, VersaInk provides an inexpensive way to print checks at a 50- 80% savings. VersaInk(TM) is perfect to use with all VersaCheck® creation software as well as G7's line of security check paper refills. G7 is the first and only manufacturer offering home and business users completely integrated solutions for general business productivity, finance management, accounting and check printing on any printer platform. The patented composition of VersaInk(TM) provides unmatched protection against fading and fraudulent alterations creating virtually everlasting, high-quality documents. VersaInk's advanced magnetic pigment technology and durability make it perfect for printing documents and photos, as well as checks and important financial records. VersaInk(TM) is now available Online at www.g7ps.com...and coming soon to local office superstores and computer retailers in the US and Canada. Pricing of VersaInk(TM) is comparable to the purchase price of regular (non-M.I.C.R.) ink. At such an affordable price, VersaInk is unquestionably the best buy for all your daily printing needs, including checks and quality-demanding documents. Presently, VersaInk(TM) is available for popular printer models from Hewlett Packard (NASDAQ: HPQ), Canon (NYSE:CAJ) and Epson. Visit www.g7ps.com to see a complete list of supported printer models and cartridges. G7 is also looking to provide support for IBM (NYSE:IBM), Lexmark (NYSE:LXK) and Dell (NASDAQ:DELL) printer models in the near future. Pass - With VersaInk(TM) Fail - With traditional non-magnetic ink G7 is adding new cartridges frequently, so check back often if VersaInk(TM) is not currently available for your printer. VersaCheck® 2003 is the #1 check creation software to design and print bank accepted checks and manage finances for both home and business. To feel confident that your checks are bank acceptable and protected against fraudulent alterations, use VersaCheck software with VersaInk and VersaCheck Refills (blank check paper with built-in security features). VersaCheck® 2003 software work stand-alone and with Intuit's Quicken®, QuickBooks® and Microsoft® Money. See immediate savings of 50-80% by printing checks in-house versus ordering checks from banks or mail order companies. VersaCheck® software, VersaInk and VersaCheck® Refills are available Online at www.g7ps.com and in over 4,000 retail outlets in the United States and Canada. G7 Productivity Systems Inc. is the first and only manufacturer offering a complete, integrated solution for general business productivity, finance management, accounting and check printing. G7's diverse software covers a wide spectrum from designing and printing personal and business checks, business cards and labels to webstore building and sophisticated business accounts management including real time credit card processing. G7 offers check & document printers, MICR toner and VersaInk "magnetic" ink , printer accessories, business cards, labels and a variety of blank check paper for home and business. Go Online at www.g7ps.com to discover G7's other special features and services that range from earning cash by recycling toner and inkjet cartridges to sending checks via email.

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