M-B Companies Rely on Twin Disc for Runway Broom

The Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport takes snow seriously. When it needed to update its equipment, it turned to M-B Companies to supply a tractor-mounted runway sweeper broom. The state-of-the-art unit includes a compact Twin Disc AM110 Pump Drive that utilizes the full horsepower of the rig to drive the hydraulic machinery.

M-B Companies chose the Twin Disc Pump Drive to ensure that its broom sweeper had the power required to remove even the heaviest snowfall quickly and efficiently. "Ultimately, you need a pump drive that's going to perform," said Gary Riha, M-B Company product development manager. "The Twin Disc pump drive is put together very well. Its compact design lets us do more with less, which is critical in mobile equipment applications."

The advanced Twin Disc AM110 Pump Drive has a maximum input power rating of 180 kW (242 hp) with a 1:1 ratio @ 3,200 rpm. It features a cast iron housing, case-hardened shafts and spur gears, and Viton seals. The output rotation is opposite the direction of input rotation.

The 3600-TRT Bidirectional Tractor-Mounted Runway Broom runs at 347 rpm and provides 1,655 ft-lbs of torque at 5,075 psi maximum working pressure. The head diameter is 36" and is available in lengths of 12', 14' and 16'. It has five times more power than a typical broom powered by hydraulics and is controlled from within the cab.

Founded in 1907, M-B Companies is a leader in innovative airport snow removal and pavement marking and striping equipment, multi-service vehicle attachments and brushes. Its website is www.m-bco.com.

For nearly a century, Twin Disc has made tough jobs easier. In addition to hydraulic pump drives, the company manufactures Power-Shift transmissions, PTOs, gearboxes, torque converters, clutches, electronic controls and other severe duty products.

Contact Twin Disc, Inc., 1328 Racine St., Racine, WI 53403.  sales@twindisc.com; www.twindisc.com.

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