Lyquidity Extends ComplyXL for Spreadsheet Management with Spreadsheet Discovery and Ensures Tighter Control.

ComplyXL for enterprise spreadsheet control, compliance and management now includes spreadsheet discovery - ensuring all spreadsheets are located and controlled.

New York, London: Lyquidity Solutions announces the availability of Spreadsheet Discovery incorporated within ComplyXL, the leading software for spreadsheet management and control. ComplyXL Spreadsheet Discovery allows organizations to pro-actively locate and control user spreadsheets. This feature can operate independently or with existing search tools such as Windows Content Indexing Server or Google Desktop search and can be extended to work with other search tools that offer a means to query their search results.

ComplyXL with Spreadsheet Discovery is ideally suited to organizations that need to be able to find and control all workbooks across any number of file servers or user PCs. Its flexible setup and ability to work with existing search engines means that it can be configured to meet the needs of any organization. The discovery process can be configured to scan entire hard drives or just selected folders and scan frequency can be specified for each scanned file server or set of folders. Managers can decide whether any workbook discovered will be scanned in the future. No Excel user functionality is lost when spreadsheets are discovered and controlled.

However, no matter how ComplyXL Spreadsheet Discovery is run, when a process is being configured the administrator is able to decide:

o The scope of the discovery process: which servers and PCs will be scanned and which volumes or sets of folders will be scanned;

o Whether all, changed or just new spreadsheets will be recorded;

o How frequently the discovery process will run; and

o Who will be notified about spreadsheet discoveries.

Some or all of these options can be changed based upon the machine being scanned and the type of scan such as daily, weekly, monthly so that the process? fits requirements across the organization.

This additional level of control and management comes at no extra cost as is part of ComplyXL.

Commented Bill Seddon, CEO of Lyquidity "ComplyXL incorporating Spreadsheet Discovery is an example of using the ComplyXL application programming interface (API) which demonstrates how ComplyXL can be used to work with and enhance third party tools with spreadsheet control functions. In this way ComplyXL allows corporations increase their confidence in their control of information contained in spreadsheets and helps to reduce spreadsheet chaos".

Lyquidity has made available full presentations showing all aspects of ComplyXL. This gives users a deeper understanding of the software and how it can be used and deployed. Full presentations of ComplyXL and its capabilities are available at

About Lyquidity Solutions

Lyquidity Solutions is a privately held, leading financial software and services company providing corporations with compliance tools to ensure corporate governance. With technology for full spreadsheet control and management Lyquidity provides solutions to organizations across market sectors from banks and finance through to airlines, consultants and healthcare.

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