Luna Technologies Utilizes Elma's Modular Enclosures for Design Flexibility

Luna Technologies, a division of Luna Innovations Inc, is a leading provider of advanced photonic measurement and sensing systems that utilizes Elma's modular enclosures for many of their products. Luna's Optical Vector Analyzers are used to fully characterize the signals of optical components. They have various sized instruments, so Elma's modular Type 32 enclosure was an ideal solution. The modular design comes standard in the 2U and 4U sizes that Luna required. For redesigns or smaller revisions of product, the modular design makes it easy to customize to other heights, widths, and depths. They also use Elma for their Optical Backscatter Reflectometer products.

Companies like Luna are also able to re-use the same modular enclosures for the expensive certification process. Utilizing the same base enclosure platform, design characteristics and results can be predicted, helping to ensure success up-front. With basic to advanced shielding options, Luna was able to pick the EMI shielding level that suited their application.

Luna also takes advantage of Elma's contract assembly services. With Elma assembling many of the components inside the sub-rack frame and enclosure, the company is able to focus on their optical network "slots". This helps them remain efficient and focus more on their core competencies. Another value-add service that Luna capitalizes on is Elma's custom painting. Whether its powder coating, painting, or Elma's new digital printing for panels, the company can make each of the customers' products look unique and attractive.

Overall, Luna chose Elma for a wide range of factors. With a reputation for superior quality and service, Elma was able to provide a versatile modular solution that will continue to help Luna adapt their products to market conditions. With an efficient time-saving design and value-add services, Luna was able to reduce costs and focus on what they do best.

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