Luminaire efficiently provides full light distribution.

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Designed for energy efficiency, EnergyMax(TM) Intersect(TM) is 2-lamp, louvered luminaire that provides full distribution of light. It illuminates work surface while simultaneously redirecting additional light on walls to reduce cave effect. Solution nominally uses 66 W of power, which can drop to 55 W when used with 28 W T8 lamp, and is available with step-dimming ballast for switching between 100% and 50% power.

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Columbia Lighting's EnergyMax Intersect Luminaire Provides Full Distribution, Energy Savings and Architectural Styling

December 18, 2007, Greenville, SC - Luminaires that fill the room with controlled light are gaining in popularity. Most fixtures in this category use a lens to redistribute some of the light to the walls and soften the light directly below the fixture. Many specifiers search for full distribution but also desire work surface light levels in the range traditionally provided by parabolics. Columbia Lighting has the answer-the EnergyMax(TM) Intersect(TM) full distribution louvered luminaire.

The EnergyMax(TM) Intersect is a 2-lamp, energy efficient, louvered luminaire designed to provide full distribution and energy savings in a crisp new look. Intersect is a true louvered system that provides the same foot candles on the work surface as parabolics while at the same time redirecting more light on the walls to greatly reduce the cave effect produced by parabolics.

While traditional three-lamp parabolics use 85W of power, the EnergyMax(TM) Intersect's savings occur without sacrificing light levels. EnergyMax(TM) Intersect tuned system uses only 66W of power, reducing energy usage by 22%. The EnergyMax(TM) Intersect(TM) Plus luminaire offers a slightly lower light output, but with greater energy savings. By employing a 28W T8 lamp Intersect Plus uses only 55W of power for a 35% reduction in energy consumption.

EnergyMax(TM) Intersect is available with an innovative step-dimming ballast to allow switching between 100% power and 50% power for energy conservation. Used in conjunction with photocells for daylight harvesting for peak demand management, or with occupancy sensors, step dimming allows effective control over power consumption without requiring switching off individual lamps as with conventional bi-level switching.

EnergyMax(TM) Intersect Full Distribution Luminaire is one of four products developed by Columbia in an unprecedented lighting solutions initiative addressing energy conservation and opportunities to save money through EPAct 2005 and other tax incentives. These lighting solutions: EnergyMax(TM) Parabolic, EnergyMax(TM) Intersect(TM) Luminaire, Versabay(TM) High Bay and "ZPT(TM)" (Zero Plenum(TM) Troffer) will create positive changes and represent a win-win-win for specifiers, electrical contractors, building owners and users alike.

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