Lumina Series- Showcased for First Time in Europe

New Small Bottle Series- Exceeding Customers' Expectations
Because Of Speed, Efficiency and Ease-Of-Startup

Wilmington Small Bottle Series:
Wilmington Machinery shifted its marketplace focus during 2006 to very high output processing applications requiring a minimum of 250,000 bottles per day or 75 million per year. Wilmington Machinery will be present at K2007 - Booth 5/G19-13 - to share the reasons why the company's Small Bottle (SB) high speed rotary blow molding system is exceeding customer expectations.

For example: customers have reported they were amazed at the easy-start up and operating of Wilmington's 24 station demonstration wheel at speeds up 240 BPM. Bottles literally fall out of the molds on their own and, because Wilmington Machinery developed the technique to blow 100 percent of the entire parison, bottles and flash never stick together.

Wilmington Machinery created the SB series after working with small bottle packaging processors who said they were looking for the best, least complex, and the most economical machinery capable of handling extremely high production rates. When designing the series Wilmington Machinery placed special emphasis on applications requiring 50-200 million containers per year for either mono or multi-layer configurations.

With its new SB series Wilmington Machinery eliminated many of the problems associated with high speed bottle handling and made the SB system extremely simple to set up, operate and maintain. As a result, the packaging industry is really starting to take notice. After processors see the SB machine in operation they are able to fully understand the impact this new design has on production of small bottles.

Wilmington's Machinery Lumina Line:
Showcased for the first time in Europe will be Wilmington Machinery's new Lumina line of structural foam injection molding machinery for plastic pallets, collapsible shipping/storage bins, underground drainage and material handling applications.

Wilmington Machinery is a recognized leader in the manufacture of structural foam injection molding machinery for the production of structural plastic parts up to 300 lbs. and 10 ft. in length. The Lumina line has been improved with a simplified nozzle/manifolding system, streamlined independent sequence nozzle control, larger platens and electric extruder drives. Wilmington Machinery's unique Versa-FillT sequential injection system allows precise molding of multiple yet completely different parts at the same time and true independent nozzle control.

Important product line attributes for the Lumina include:
oTwo-stage extrusion/injection
oSequential injection
oMulti-nozzle injection with modular manifolds

Wilmington Machinery will evaluate a processor's product line and recommend an appropriate system from their extensive Lumina series. Should application needs fall outside its standard product offering, Wilmington Machinery provides years of proven expertise in customizing processing equipment and systems to meet all technical requirements for optimum economic results.

For more information contact:
Jeff Newman: VP Sales and Marketing: Wilmington Machinery: 910-796-1604.

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