Lumina RF Lighting Control provides manual on/off control.

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Available in models RF 600W, 1000W and 300W, Lumina 600W Dimmer is rated for 300W Dimmable LED/CFL or 600W Incandescent. Providing advanced automated lighting control and allowing Lumina solution to extend to art galleries, restaurants and small commercial properties, unit’s Lumina RF 1000W Dimmer, part number DL1KD-1BZ is rated for 450W Dimmable LED/CFL or 1000W Incandescent/Mark X. Unit provides provide reliable automation based on times and tasks.

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Leviton Expands Lumina RF Lighting Control Product Line with In-Wall and Plug-In Dimmers

600-Watt and 1000-Watt In-Wall Dimmers and 300-Watt Plug-In Dimmer enhance Lumina Gateway Automation eco-system for small commercial properties.

Leviton today announced three new wireless dimming products as an expansion of the Lumina RF eco-system of automation solutions for restaurants, retail stores and office spaces. The 600-Watt (W) and 1000W in-wall dimmers and the 300W plug-in dimmer are remarkable additions to the existing product line, which includes wireless sensors, thermostats, 0-10V in-wall dimmers, light switches, plug-in appliance modules, as well as heavy-duty load controls for high-draw electronics including signage, parking lot lights and motors.

The Lumina RF 600W Dimmer, part number DL6HD-1BZ, is rated for 300W Dimmable LED/CFL or 600W Incandescent. The Lumina RF 1000W Dimmer, part number DL1KD-1BZ, is rated for 450W Dimmable LED/CFL or 1000W Incandescent/Mark X. These in-wall devices are 3-way enabled and utilize the DD00R matching remote to create 3-way applications, including hallways and rooms with multiple entrances. The Lumina RF 300W Plug-In Module, part number DL3HL-1BW, is rated for 100W Dimmable LED/CFL or 300W Incandescent, where the control button with Locator LED also provides manual on/off control from the plug-in device directly.

The Lumina web-based installer utility, the enterprise-focused cloud, and user-hierarchy controlled apps are designed with both ease of installation and ease of use as primary considerations. Whether automating a single location or multitudes of connected properties, installers or facility managers can quickly create automation schedules or company holidays and apply the settings to all connected properties.

"The new forward phase dimmers provide advanced automated lighting control and allow the Lumina solution to extend to art galleries, restaurants and small commercial properties that require precise dimming for an optimal environment and a calculated customer experience," said Tom Leonard, vice president of marketing and product management for Leviton Energy Management, Controls & Automation. "Coupled with recent user experience enhancements to the Lumina Gateway and Lumina RF eco-system, the mesh network enabled devices, including the dimmers, provide reliable automation based on times and tasks. Users can illuminate their spaces at a certain time every morning or night, and can also control lighting based on certain activities in an area using door contacts, motion sensors or ceiling-mounted occupancy sensors."

Enrollment, scheduling and control of the new dimmers are facilitated via the new web-based utility at, allowing on-site commissioning and remote supervision from a computer or mobile device. Users can swiftly automate a property by first setting the time schedule and then assigning what happens inside the property at that time. Installers can easily enroll dimmers onto the network via the web tool by placing a dimmer into a room, naming the dimmer and holding down the dimmer paddle for seven seconds. Automation is based on time and activity, whereby dimmers and switches plus other connected devices can activate upon motion, time, or holiday.

The Lumina Gateway and new Lumina RF wireless dimming devices are available now, along with the new Leviton Cloud Services website and app. Enterprise corporations with multiple locations can benefit from the energy management solutions provided by the Lumina Gateway wireless energy management automation system, which includes lighting controls, thermostats, occupancy sensors, motion sensors, door contact sensors, heavy-duty load controls and window coverings. For more information, visit

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