Lumidigm Partners with Verimetrics to Provide Biometrics-Based Enterprise-Wide Single Sign-On Solutions

Verimetrics' SmartProfile biometric SSO lets people access applications with just their finger in a secure, user-friendly way

ALBUQUERQUE, NM - Lumidigm today announced that Verimetrics has selected Lumidigm's Mercury and Venus fingerprint readers as its preferred biometric platforms for SmartProfile(TM) deployments in a wide range of environments including hospitals, emergency response vehicles and retail stores. With Lumidigm sensors, Verimetrics' biometric single sign-on (SSO) solution succeeds in real world conditions ranging from sub-zero temperatures to the use of latex gloves.

"Our SmartProfile solution provides enterprise SSO capabilities that require strong authentication technologies such as Lumidigm fingerprint sensors, our preferred biometric component," says Guillaume Turbide, vice president of business development and marketing at Verimetrics. "Lumidigm's multispectral imaging technology allows Verimetrics to recommend our SmartProfile solution with utmost confidence to those customers who have applications in a wide range of environmental and usage conditions. Users will get a good read the moment they lay their finger on the Lumidigm sensor."

"We are honored to partner with Verimetrics to deliver a market-leading biometric SSO solution," says Dave Cullen of Lumidigm, Healthcare Solutions. "SmartProfile software provides streamlined access to multiple systems within the business enterprise. Lumidigm extends the Verimetrics value proposition with our patented multispectral imaging technology that authenticates in non-standard conditions, such as moisture, dryness, dust, low temperatures or worn and damaged fingerprints.

"Gone are the days when end-users must present their fingerprint over and over again to authenticate, if authentication was even possible," continues Cullen. "Lumidigm fingerprint sensors eliminate these problems, enhancing the user's experience while improving productivity."

Lumidigm multispectral fingerprint sensors capture fingerprint data beneath the surface of the skin so that dryness or even damaged or worn fingers create no problems for reliable reads. Using multiple wavelengths of light and advanced polarization techniques to extract unique fingerprint characteristics from both the surface and subsurface of the skin, Lumidigm's sensors provide results that are more consistent, more inclusive and more tamper resistant than conventional biometric readers.

SmartProfile readers are used in healthcare organizations, financial centers, government operations, retail stores, offices, research centers, airports, shipping ports and national borders among other applications.

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About Verimetrics

Verimetrics is an identity and access management (IAM) innovation company that specializes in the development of authentication and enterprise Single Sign-On (eSSO) solutions. The Verimetrics team works diligently to provide their customers with products that are easy to use yet streamline workflows and improve data security. Verimetrics' flagship product, SmartProfile(TM), has been deployed for nearly a decade within numerous healthcare, enterprise, retail and law enforcement organizations. Users from across the globe depend on SmartProfile daily to securely and efficiently manage authentication to their workstations and applications. For more information about Verimetrics, please visit or call (418) 649-8883.

About Lumidigm

Lumidigm Inc., the multispectral imaging biometrics company, is dedicated to enabling convenient, secure, and reliable identification and verification. Lumidigm fingerprint sensors capture superior images quickly, on all people, in all conditions. Everyone can be enrolled. Everyone can be verified. Lumidigm's sensors are quick and easy to use - perfect for any application in which speed, security and reliability are paramount. Headquartered in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Lumidigm sensors are distributed worldwide. Lumidigm's initial venture capital investors are DFJ New England, Draper Fisher Jurvetson, Epic Ventures, Intel Capital, International Venture Fund and Solstice Capital. Other investors include Methode Electronics, Motorola Ventures, New Mexico Co-Investment Partners managed by Fort Washington Capital, and Sun Mountain Capital. For more information, visit

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