Lumber Mold Growth Remover helps preserve stock.

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Remediator pressure cleans off mold, dirt, stain, and contamination from lumber and then moves it into chamber, where mold inhibitor is applied. This mold repelling machine allows lumber that has been sitting at lumber yards and home improvement centers for longer periods of time than recommended to be treated and re-entered into inventory as good lumber. Also, excess lumber from building sites can be restored to like new condition.

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The Remediator: a Lumber Mold Growth Remover

Due to the slow economy, Lumber has been sitting at lumber yards and home improvement centers for longer periods of time than is recommended.

The potential health effect of mold in lumber is a growing concern for builders as well as the General Public.

Mold, a fungus, not only can cause health problems but is also a major cause of wood decay that can change the physical and chemical properties reducing the strength of wood.

At Builders Automation Machinery we realize that no one wants to take the risk of building a home or office with moldy lumber or incur the cost of mold cleanup.
To prevent this problem Builders Automation has created the "Remediator", a machine that removes mold from lumber.

The "Remediator" helps eliminate the waste of good lumber. Customers that have used the "Remediator" have stopped selling remediated lumber at pennies on the dollar to the secondary market. The lumber is treated and re-entered into inventory for good lumber. Excess from the building site can also be brought back to like new condition.

The mold repelling machine pressure cleans off all molds, dirt, stain, contamination and then moves the lumber into a chamber where the mold stopper product is applied.

Once the mold is removed it is then treated with a mold inhibitor that prevents mold from re-growing.

This product is 100% safe and environmentally-friendly.

This inhibitor called "Moldblock" was created by Mold Stoppers Manufacturing.

For more information on the "Remediator" and all equipment built by Builders Automation Machinery please visit our website at Or call us at 727-647-0892.

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