Lubrication System uses infrared photo sensor.

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Infrared Lubrication System is equipped with solid-state PLC, 3-way solenoid valve, bank of PurgeX® pumps, power supply, and NEMA 12 enclosure. Independent pump operation allows individual adjustment of flow to each lube point from 0-.012 cu in./cycle. Clear, polycarbonate, ½ gal reservoir, with hinged top lid, feeds system and allows for visual confirmation of fluid level. System is suitable for -15 to +180°F applications. Standard systems are available with 1-12 pumps.

Original Press Release:

PurgeX® Infrared Lubrication System

Oil-Rite Corporation of Manitowoc, Wisconsin has designed a state of the art NEW precise Infrared Lubrication System. The system provides simplicity and convenience in one easy to use package. It is "ready to go" and ready to use.

The precise Infrared Lubrication System is ideally suited for use in Packaging, Conveyor, Automotive, Textile, Paper and Packaging Industries. It will keep critical product moving in Transportation and Product Distribution Warehouses, Food, and Processing Industries.

Quality engineering and manufacturing provide simplicity of operation and reliability over long periods of time. Precise volumetric delivery is achieved with PurgeX®, a positive displacement design. Each pump operates independently, allowing for individual adjustment of flow to each lube point. Adjustment of liquid output ranges from 0 to .012 cubic inches per cycle. This precise delivery allows for efficient use of expensive fluids while virtually eliminating all excess waste allowed into the environment. Over 360+ MILLION CYCLES have been achieved without appreciable wear in our rugged pumps constructed of aluminum with brass and plated steel components. Multiple seal options are available to accommodate compatibility with a variety of fluids.

Each system is equipped with a Programmable "solid state" Logic Controller (PLC), a 3-way solenoid valve, a bank of PurgeX® pumps, a power supply, and an Infrared Photo Sensor. The photo sensor handles high-speed applications and has a quick easy access to sensitivity adjustment. All components are wired and plumbed to a back plate that is enclosed in a hinged door Nema 12 enclosure. A rugged ½ gallon clear polycarbonate reservoir with a hinged lid mounted on top feeds the system and allows for visual confirmation of fluid level. Standard systems are available with one to twelve pumps. Suitable for applications ranging from -15°F to 180°F and compatible with a variety of fluids makes this system a valuable solution to virtually all applications.

Only high quality heavy-duty materials are used, and all units are engineered to provide trouble-free service under the most severe operating conditions. The Infrared Lubrication System greatly reduces friction and extends chain convey life while reducing maintenance costs. It also minimizes operational and safety problems that may result from inadequate lubrication such as erratic conveyor operation, excessive noise and danger to product and personnel.

This Infrared Lubrication package helps protect the environment and helps preserve our oil supplies. The PurgeX® pumps contained in the unit deliver lubricant to critical lube points with remarkable precision, eliminating the potential for over lubrication. The tendency to over-lubricate has led to problems such as material contamination, clean-up expenses, and environmental contamination. These problems will be eliminated with the Infrared Lubrication System.

For additional information on the NEW Infrared Lubrication System or Oil-Rite's complete line of lubrication equipment contact:

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