Lubrication System minimizes downtime via automated dispersal.

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Activated by key, INTELLILUBE® automatically dispenses pre-measured lubricant at constant rate for up to 1 year to avoid damage from manually over filling and under filling. Dispensing can be programmed from 1–12 months, and temperature setting ranges from -4° to +131°F. Rated for operation indoors and outdoors as well as above and up to 30 ft under water, this single-point lubrication system is compatible with all NGLI greases and oils and also allows for client-specific lubricants.

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Taylor, Michigan – Dearborn Mid-West Company (DMW), a premier global material handling supplier since 1947, has officially introduced its INTELLILUBE® single-point lubrication brand and accessory product line to the automotive and manufacturing industries. INTELLILUBE® is easily the most economical and efficient lubrication system of its kind.

Manufacturing processes have changed following the many recent layoffs and downsizing. Most OEM’s have been forced to run on doubled capacity with decreased manpower, not only to keep up with product demand, but to lower costs. DMW’s Life Cycle Improvement recognized the need of OEM’s for a product to save time and manpower while increasing equipment uptime and competitiveness. Because proper lubrication is key for rollers, chains, drives and everywhere else where metal touches metal, DMW started here.

Automatic, without worries for up to an entire year, INTELLILUBE® reliably dispenses pre-measured lubricant at a constant rate thereby avoiding damage from manually over and under filling. This, reduces costly repairs and production downtime.

INTELLILUBE® is compatible with all NGLI greases and oils and also allows for client-specific lubricants. Activated by key, the user is always in control. Dispensing can be programmed from 1-12 months and the temperature setting ranges from -4° to +131°F.

Engineered for the most demanding applications, INTELLILUBE® is compact in size with a see-through site window and mounts in any position. Both indoor and outside and above and up to 30 feet under water, it is perfect for hard-to-reach and dangerous locations.

Environmentally friendly, INTELLILUBE® does not contain any harmful or toxic liquids nor acid-filled batteries, motors or gears and its gas-generating cartridge is replaceable.“DMW is excited to be able to offer such an incredible, one-of-a kind, lubrication product. Being able to provide such cost-effective solutions to the industry that we serve is the purpose of DMW’s Life Cycle Improvement,” stated Timothy Rose, Vice President, Life Cycle Improvement, DEARBORN MID-WEST COMPANY. “We are proud that our continual research allows us to proactively anticipate and respond to our client (DMW) demand”, added Mr. Rose.

INTELLILUBE® is ideal for: packaging facilities, automotive/industrial plants, airport baggage handling systems, bottling/glass factories, water treatment plants, cement factories and MORE.

DMW INTELLILUBE® Demonstration Contact:

Robert Todd

DEARBORN MID-WEST COMPANY | Life Cycle Improvement | Cell: 734.674.4026 | Office: 734.288.4459


Dearborn Mid-West Company (DMW) is among the most recognized and respected full-service material handling companies worldwide, since 1947. DMW provides complex “turnkey” material handling systems to the automotive, industrial and bulk markets. With administrative and manufacturing locations in Kansas and Michigan, DMW annual awards include: Top Conveyor System Supplier to Chrysler - since the 1980’s; Ford Motor Company’s Q1 Rating - since 1989; ISO 9001 Certified – since 1997, TAUC Thomas J. Reynolds Award for Excellence in Construction Safety and Health - since 2007; and is recognized by National Maintenance Agreement Policy Committee, Inc. (NMAPC) for superior safety performance. For more information on DMW, visit

About DMW’s Life Cycle Improvement Division (LCI):

The Life Cycle Improvement Division of DMW is a premier global material handling resource. Offering spare parts, conveyor health inspections, and engineering, fabrication, and field services, LCI uniquely provides a total maintenance solution by combining the best of Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) expertise, products and services with the convenience of Maintenance Repair & Operations (MRO) supply and distribution products. For more information on DMW’s LCI Division, visit

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