Lubrication System eliminates overlubrication.

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ORSCO 170 lubrication system handles up to 16 lubrication points. Available as complete system or in 2 modular packages, ORSCO 170 offers 3-piece reservoir design, making fluid levels readily visible; minimal external piping; and automated lubrication that reduces unplanned downtime due to component wear or scheduled manual lubrication. ORSCO 170 utilizes delivery nozzles, and its lubricant delivery rate is adjustable.

Original Press Release:

New Lincoln ORSCO(R) 170 Lubrication System Limits Equipment Wear, Increases Profitability

ST. LOUIS . . . Lincoln has introduced its ORSCO 170 precision lubrication system. The newly designed product handles up to 16 lubrication points, delivering a precise amount of lubricant on a continual and controlled basis. Available as a complete system or in two modular packages, the durable ORSCO 170 reduces downtime, saves lubricant and electricity, and improves safety.

Automated lubrication reduces the cost of unplanned downtime due to component wear or scheduled manual lubrication of components. The ORSCO 170 system utilizes patented delivery nozzles, and the lubricant delivery rate can be adjusted to provide the precise amount of lubricant needed. These features help to manage lubricant consumption and reduce costs. By optimizing the application of lubricant, the ORSCO 170 helps to minimize the consumption of power to operate equipment, resulting in lower energy bills. In addition, eliminating overlubrication significantly reduces workplace hazards associated with the accumulation of residual lubricant on the floor and other surfaces.

The ORSCO 170 features a three-piece reservoir design, making fluid levels easily visible and the product easy to maintain. The system's compact, modular design with minimal external piping is ideal for OEMs and quick on-site installations.

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