Lubrication System delivers thru-tool micro-fluidization.

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Designed to retrofit to CNC drilling machines and other coolant-fed drilling applications with coolant inducers, Tornado Thru-the-Tool Lubrication System(TM) permits unrestricted airflow and minimum air pressure drop to cutting tool edge for consistent, precise flow of lubricant throughout cut. Positive displacement system produces total fluid output of 1-100 drops/min and may be connected to shop air or independent air supply. Quick disconnect coaxial air/fluid line facilitates setup.

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Tornado System(TM) Offers Thru-Tool Micro-Fluidization(TM) for CNC Machines

Grand Rapids, MI: UNIST, Inc., using their Tornado Thru-the-Tool Lubrication System, has created a retrofit for CNC drilling machines and other coolant fed drilling applications. The newly configured system connects directly to a machine designed with coolant inducers. The system includes a solenoid valve of any voltage which allows the fluid delivery signal to be wired directly to the CNC drilling machine, and a quick disconnect coaxial air/fluid line, for easy connection to the inlet port on the machine. The unit can be connected to shop air, or an independent air supply.

The Tornado Micro-Fluidization(TM) System is a positive displacement system which produces a total range in fluid output of 1-100 drops per minute (.03cc to 3.3cc per minute). Employing UNIST's low air pressure drop technology, the Tornado System permits nearly unrestricted airflow and minimum air pressure drop to the cutting tool edge, causing the system to maintain a consistent, precise flow of lubricant throughout the cut. This unique feature results in improved hole quality, improved chip evacuation, and increased production rates. It may be used on any CNC machine or drill press with a coolant inducer. Use of the Tornado System presents the opportunity for drilling machine users to greatly improve their production rates, reduce downtime due to tooling maintenance, and eliminate fluid handling, treatment, and disposal.

The Tornado System is designed for use with high efficiency lubricants, such as UNIST's Coolube® line of vegetable based lubricants. When it is used with UNIST Coolube products, the Tornado System often permits the user to drill at faster speeds and utilize increased feed rates while eliminating housekeeping requirements associated with flood cooling. UNIST manufactures another system called "Power Cool(TM)" for the same types of applications where water based fluids are required.

Formed in 1957, UNIST, Inc. is the leader in the manufacture of fluid delivery systems designed to reduce fluid consumption costs while improving operational efficiency, safety, and maintenance.

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