Lubricants and Cleaner suit centrifugal compressor systems.

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Corona Turbo Blue(TM) is a synthetic and petroleum-based blend with life expectancy of 16,000 hr, while Corona Turbo Clear(TM) pure synthetic lubricant is made from polyalphaolefin base stock and is expected to last up to 24,000 hr. Minimizing sludge build-up, both include rust and corrosion inhibitors, oxidation control agents, and anti-wear compounds. Corona Turbo Clean(TM) flushes lubrication system prior to conversion from another type of lubricant.

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New FS-Elliott Engineered Lubricants and Cleaner Raise the Bar for Compressor Performance

Corona Turbo Blue(TM) and Corona Turbo Clear(TM) lubricants, and Corona Turbo Clean(TM) cleaner provide users with operational and cost-saving benefits

Export, PA (July 15, 2005) - As any plant operations manager can tell you, choosing the right lubricant and lubrication system cleaner is the first step to ensuring long-term, reliable engineered air. FS-Elliott Co. LLC ("FS-Elliott") has taken the guesswork out of this decision with Corona Turbo Blue(TM) and Corona Turbo Clear(TM) specially blended lubricants, and Corona Turbo Clean(TM) specialty cleaner. For use with PAP Plus® centrifugal compressor systems, the Corona Brand(TM) lubricants and cleaner are designed to minimize downtime, optimize compressor performance and extend the operating life of compressor systems.

"The Corona Brand(TM) premium line ensures that our customers are getting the most from FS-Elliott engineered air systems," says Ron Stewart, Chief Executive Officer, FS-Elliott. "When used properly, these lubricants and the specialty cleaner product can increase the value of a compressor system and save manufacturers valuable time and money on compressor maintenance and replacement."

Corona Brand(TM) lubricant products last longer than traditional fluids, allowing extended periods between change-outs and subsequently reducing downtime. Based on the recommended operating and maintenance practices, including regular lubricant testing, Corona Turbo Blue(TM) has a life expectancy of 16,000 hours, while Corona Turbo Clear(TM) is expected to last up to 24,000 hours.

These new lubricants also minimize sludge build-up. In compressor systems utilizing petroleum-based mineral oil lubricants, sludge build-up can adversely affect performance and reduce the service life of a compressor system. Corona Turbo Blue(TM) is a synthetic and petroleum-based blend, while Corona Turbo Clear(TM) is a pure synthetic lubricant made from polyalphaolefin (PAO) base stock. By minimizing build-up, these lubricants allow a compressor system to perform at maximum capacity and reduce damage to compressor parts caused by lacquer, varnish, resins and other contaminants that may find their way into the oil supply.

Corona Brand(TM) lubricants contain additives such as rust and corrosion inhibitors, oxidation control agents and anti-wear compounds. These additives provide excellent resistance to the wear and tear experienced during regular operations. Plus, defoamants have been added to enhance lubrication performance.

Corona Turbo Clean(TM) specialty cleaner has been designed to easily and effectively flush the lubrication system prior to a Corona Brand(TM) conversion from another type of lubricant. The Corona Turbo Clean(TM) is formulated to mix with the existing lubricant and perform its cleaning function while the compressor is in operation thus eliminating the need for any disassembly and cleaning. Using an easy-to-follow flushing procedure, this cleaner removes and suspends varnish and carbon deposits that were present during the normal operation with the previous lubricant. For maximum benefit, use this cleaner prior to each lubricant change.

As a value added service, FS-Elliott provides a free lubricant analysis to compressor operators using Corona Turbo Blue(TM) and Corona Turbo Clear(TM), including compressors retrofitted with Corona Brand(TM) lubricants. With a free and easy-to-use sample kit, operators simply return their lubricant samples for analysis. A report containing the lubricant physical and chemical characteristics in addition to other helpful information is sent to the end user. This information can then be used to make informed and timely maintenance and operational decisions.

FS-Elliott is a worldwide, dedicated air compressor company, providing Engineered Air to various industries ranging from automotive manufacturing, food & beverage processing, and pharmaceutical manufacturing to the API 672 applications in refining, petrochemicals, and oil and gas production. With total market focus, FS-Elliott provides their customers with a complete Engineered Air package that includes unparalleled reliability, leading technology, decades of industry experience and unsurpassed customer service.

FS-Elliott's headquarters, engineering center and manufacturing operations are based in Jeannette, PA, U.S.A. FS-Elliott also has a packaging facility in Shanghai, China.

For more information contact Addison Kelley, Vice President Global Customer Support, FS-Elliott, tel: (626) 855-7515, e-mail, or visit

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