Lubricant loosens frozen metal parts.

Press Release Summary:

Kroil chemical lubricant can creep into millionth in. spaces, dissolving grease and carbon, breaking bonds of rust, and supplying necessary lubrication to loosen frozen metal parts. It is available in 1, 5, 15, and 55 gal sizes. Aerokroil aerosol version offers same lubricating powers and is available in 10 and 13 oz cans.

Original Press Release:

Kano Has The Solution For Frozen Metal Parts

NASHVILLE, (Tenn.) - Kroil, the oil that creeps from Kano Laboratories, Inc., saves time and money by reducing the number of broken nuts and cutting down on labor. A chemical lubricant
that can creep into millionth-inch spaces, Kroil dissolves, grease and carbon, breaks the bonds of rust, and supplies necessary lubrication to quickly loosen frozen metal parts. Its lubricating power is ideal for loosening rusted nuts and bolts, freeing frozen shafts, and unsticking and lubricating conveyors.

Kano is so confident in Kroil's ability to loosen frozen metal parts that it invites customers to "test Kroil at our risk." If a customer does not think Kroil is a superior product, Kano will offer a full refund.

"Nothing works like (Kroil) does to free up (frozen) parts," one customer reported to Kano. "Not only does it save time and money, but also a lot of effort and broken tools to take machines apart. Keep up the good work!"

Regular Kroil liquid is available in one-, five-, 15- and 55-gallon sizes. Aerokroil, an aerosol version with the same lubricating powers of liquid Kroil, is available in 10- and 13-ounce cans.

Kano products are available for direct order only; they are not sold at retail. For more information or to order Kroil or other Kano products, customers should call (615) 833-4101, send a fax to (615) 833-5790, submit a written request to P.O. Box 110098, Nashville, TN 37222, or visit the Kano Web site:

Kano Laboratories, Inc., headquartered in Nashville, Tenn., is a major manufacturer of industrial and specialty chemicals, rust removers and lubricating products.

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