Lubricant is synthetic and extremely stable.

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Semisynthetic TRIM® SC285 cutting and grinding fluid concentrate is for extreme-pressure lubrication in drilling, tapping, reaming, and form-grinding operations. Product leaves synthetic-oil film that protects ferrous and nonferrous metal parts. It is safe for steel alloys, cast iron, and copper alloys. Lubricant does not contain chlorine or sulfur-based EP additives, DEA, nitrides, phenolic compounds, or formaldehyde releasers.

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Master Chemical Launches New Product Category

March 10, 2003 (Perrysburg, Ohio) - With the announcement of a new semisynthetic product, Master Chemical is introducing a new product classification, S3 Technology, offering distinct advantages for the metalworking industry.

S3 Technology identifies a new class of Master Chemical semisynthetic products that contain no mineral oil and are extremely stable. The first of the S3 Technology products is TRIM® SC285, a cutting and grinding fluid concentrate designed for extreme-pressure (EP) lubricity in drilling, tapping, reaming, and form-grinding operations.

"Because they're synthetic, products featuring S3 Technology are chemically stable, which means consistent and predictable performance for our customers," says Master Chemical Product Manager and Director of Marketing Frank Robinson.

Among S3 features are better wetting, no residue build-up and longer sump life. "TRIM SC285's performance in high-velocity, single-point turning and milling operations is outstanding," says Master Chemical Product Manager Andy Nelson. "The faster the tools move the better TRIM SC285 performs, keeping grinding wheels clean and sharp for higher G-ratios, better surface integrity and faster stock removal."

In addition, TRIM SC285 is safe for most metals, especially wrought aluminum alloys. "It's a very versatile product," says Nelson. "It performs well in mixed-metal situations, not only with aluminum, but also with steel alloys, cast iron and copper

"One of the best features of TRIM SC 285," says Robinson, "is how it helps keep machines clean, while leaving a soft, synthetic-oil film that protects both ferrous and
nonferrous metal parts."

The low-foam, low-mist and practically odorless, water-clear TRIM SC285 working solution offers exceptional sump life, due to its fungus and bacteria resistance and tramp oil rejection qualities.

Safe for the environment and users, TRIM SC285 contains no chlorine or sulfurbased EP additives and no DEA, nitrides, phenolic compounds, or formaldehyde releasers.

Master Chemical expects to introduce additional semisynthetic S3 Technology products later this year. The company is headquartered in Perrysburg, Ohio, and is a single-source supplier of metalworking fluids and recycling equipment. Founded in 1951 by Clyde Sluhan, Master Chemical products are designed to maximize productivity and minimize waste in the metalworking industry, thus improving customer product quality and profitability.

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