LTCC-Based Bandpass Filters offer high frequency range.

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Using combinations of lumped and distributed elements in 3D ceramic structure, BFCN products cover frequencies from 7,100-8,750 MHz. Products come in 1206 package format and offer designs with up to 5 sections and DC isolated I/O. These Low-Temperature Co-Fired Ceramic (LTCC) components feature conductive metallization in multi-layer structure. They enable realization of various RF building blocks: inductors, capacitors, broadside, and edge-coupled lines.

Original Press Release:

High Frequency LTCC Based Bandpass Filters

Mini-Circuits has designed and offered to the RF & Microwave market, LowTemperature Co-Fired Ceramic (LTCC) based components for over 10 years. Employing proprietary ceramic formulations, Mini-Circuits LTCC components combine low loss dielectric and highly conductive metallization in a multi-layer structure to realize high RF performance components. The three-dimensional structures enable Mini-Circuits to realize a variety of RF building blocks including inductors, capacitors, broadside and edge-coupled lines. Punched vias in pre-fired tape support a means to bridge conductors on multiple layers and complete the overall design. The eight new designs cover frequency ranges from 7100 MHz to 8750 MHz in 2% to 5% bandwidths.

Using combinations of both lumped-element and distributed elements in a three dimensional ceramic structure, Mini-Circuits BFCN Product Line is now extended to 8750 MHz. This extension of the BFCN line to higher frequencies is accomplished in the new 1206 package format and offers outstanding performance features including: low passband insertion loss, outstanding ration of size to stop- band rejection, designs with up to 5 sections and DC isolated input and outputs.

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