LSI Industries' Solid-State LED Screens Featured at New Wachovia Center

CINCINNATI, Oct. 4 / -- LSI Industries Inc. (NASDAQ:LYTS) today reported that its Technology Segment, comprised largely of LSI Saco Technologies acquired earlier this year, was a leading supplier of SMARTVISION® LED screens and circular "rings" for the new Wachovia Center, located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. In conjunction with ANC Sports, a long-term partner of LSI Saco Technologies, a state-of-the-art arena display system that features 7,500 square feet of LED signage was launched Thursday, September 21 when the Philadelphia Flyers' hosted the New Jersey Devils for a preseason game at the Wachovia Center.

Quoting from the ANC Sports Enterprises press release:

The new Wachovia Center visual effects include a center-hung structure
with four LED Diamond Vision video boards, eight SMARTVISION® LED
virtual scoring matrix and two SMARTVISION® LED circular "rings." In
addition to the center-hung scoreboard, ANC also added an additional
1000 feet of SMARTVISION® 20mm LED ribbon around the second level
facade to compliment the company's existing fascia system at the
arena. Two outdoor SMARTVISION® LED screens will be installed to
welcome fans on Pattison Avenue as well...

The center-hung structure will display crystal clear video through
1.07 billion colors on four Diamond Vision 11' x 21' 10mm displays,
four SMARTVISION® 8' x 16' 16.5mm virtual scoring/advertising
matrix, four smaller SMARTVISION® 8' x 7' 16.5mm displays and two
SMARTVISION® 20mm LED "rings" that will highlight the top and bottom
of the structure. The virtually flat LED screens will provide
unobstructed views from all 21,000 seats in the arena.

Fred Jalbout, President of LSI Technology Solutions Plus commented, "LSI Saco designs for profitability. Every project begins with a comprehensive 'needs analysis' to identify the most practical, technically effective and cost-effective solutions. We start the development process by providing initial designs, specifications and a complete life-cycle analysis. Based on those parameters, we develop mechanical design solutions that can be unique to the application or integrated into existing fixtures or physical spaces. As the program progresses, we work in tangent with the different LSI groups to provide complete electrical, mechanical, thermal, and optical design solutions.

"Building on its reputation as an LED video screen technology pioneer, LSI Saco works closely with LSI Lighting Solutions Plus in designing the next generation of commercial, retail and industrial lighting products. LSI Saco concentrates on the development of high performance white-light and full-color light engines. Our total-systems solution is about quality, innovation and flexibility throughout each and every step of the development, testing, pre- production and manufacturing processes. From conception of design to the installation of the final product, LSI Saco works to value-engineer core components, leverage the best available pricing and provide cost-effective manufacturing, integration and service strategies. This process positions LSI Lighting Solutions Plus as a key player in the emerging solid-state lighting market and will further its leading role in both niche and the commercial/industrial lighting markets.

"LSI Saco's contribution to LSI Graphics Solutions Plus is two-fold. First, based on the parameters provided by LSI Graphics Solutions Plus, LSI Saco is developing innovative graphic and product lighting solutions as well as new materials that will help LSI Graphics Solutions Plus expand its commanding presence in the market as well as offer new solutions to its customers. Secondly, by combining LSI Saco's core LED Video systems and control software with the LSI Graphics Solutions Plus Digital Signage efforts, LSI Graphics Solutions Plus increased its capabilities in the marketplace by now offering indoor and outdoor movable media regardless of the technology used (LCD, Plasma, LED, etc) as well as the means to control the media around the world from a single location. This will impact in the marketplace positively and drive more business to LSI Graphics Solutions Plus as they become a leading provider of Digital Signage technology.

"LSI Saco's strong LED Video presence in its core markets (Sports, Advertising, Staging & Rental and Custom) is enhanced by the capabilities of LSI Lighting Solutions Plus and LSI Graphics Solutions Plus. We can now offer more value to our customers and manage more aspects of their projects, leading us closer to full turn key solution."

Bob Ready, LSI's President and CEO, commented, "Already we are seeing the benefits of the LSI Saco Technologies acquisition as we begin to integrate solid-state LED capabilities into both our lighting and graphics businesses. LSI Industries is perfectly positioned to move forward as a leader in the commercial use of LEDs in lighting and graphics. We are particularly excited about Saco's electronic billboard opportunities and the development of white light products for our well established niche markets and the large commercial/industrial lighting market."

Mr. Ready went on to say, "As a light source, light emitting diodes are highly energy-efficient and long lasting compared to conventional light sources. LEDs are also more durable and produce less heat than other sources of light. From a white light standpoint, solid-state lighting is rapidly becoming more attractive as costs decline and performance increases. Consequently, LSI believes that solid-state lighting will become increasingly important as it becomes more cost effective for an ever widening breadth of applications. For LSI, solid-state LED products mean substantial new opportunities to drive growth in both the lighting and graphics segments of the business. The combination of the emerging importance of solid-state LEDs as a cost-effective, superior light source and LSI's well established position in the lighting and graphics markets creates a very powerful growth platform."

About the Company

LSI Industries is an Image Solutions company, combining integrated design, manufacturing, and technology to supply its own high quality lighting fixtures and graphics elements for applications in the retail, specialty niche, and commercial markets. The Company's Lighting Segment produces high performance products dedicated to the outdoor, architectural outdoor, indoor, architectural indoor and accent/downlight markets. The Graphics Segment provides a vast array of products and services including signage, menu board systems, active digital signage, decorative fixturing, design support, engineering and project management for custom programs for today's retail environment. The Company's Technology Segment develops and designs high performance light engines, digital signage and other products using LED lighting technology, including large format LED video screens for the entertainment and sports markets. LSI's major markets are the petroleum/ convenience store, multi-site retail (including automobile dealerships, restaurants and national retail accounts) and the commercial/industrial lighting markets. LSI employs approximately 1,800 people in fourteen facilities located in Ohio, California, New York, North Carolina, Kansas, Kentucky, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Texas and Montreal, Canada. The Company's common shares are traded on the NASDAQ Global Select Market under the symbol LYTS.

For further information, contact either Bob Ready, Chief Executive Officer and President, or Ron Stowell, Vice President, Chief Financial Officer, and Treasurer at (513) 793-3200.

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