Low Viscosity Adhesive offers Tg of 90°C.

Press Release Summary:

TRA-BOND F110 is optically clear, low viscosity adhesive. Two-part epoxy can be room temperature or heat cured, and provides thin bond line on applications involving prisms, lenses, and other optical components. Adhesive exhibits wicking and wetting characteristics, offers high strength structural bond, and bonds to glass, ceramics, metals, and most rigid plastics.

Original Press Release:


TRA-BOND F110 is an optically clear, low viscosity adhesive. This two-part epoxy can be room temperature or heat cured and provides excellent optical properties. This compound is ideal for providing a thin bond line, such as on applications involving prisms, lenses and other optical components. This rigid material also offers a high ultimate Tg of 90°C. TRA-BOND F110 exhibits excellent wicking and wetting characteristics, and provides a high strength structural bond. This compound bonds well to glass, ceramics, metals and most rigid plastics.

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