Low VCE(SAT) Dual Transistors come in 3 x 2 mm package.

Press Release Summary:

Low VCE(SAT) transistors are packaged in TLM832D(TM) Tiny Leadless Module, which has power dissipation of 1.65 W and is optimized for space conservation. Specific models include CTLM3410-M832D (Dual, NPN); CTLM7410-M832D (Dual, PNP); and CTLM3474-M832D (Complementary NPN and PNP) devices. Featuring typical VCE(SAT) of 20 mV (NPN) and 25 mV (PNP) at 50 mA, all devices are rated at 40 Volts VCBO, 1.0 A IC and suit portable, battery-powered electronics applications.

Original Press Release:

Central's New Dual, Low VCE(SAT) Transistors in the TLM832D(TM) Leadless Package

Hauppauge, NY USA - December 9, 2008 - Central Semiconductor Corp. announces the release of several new Low VCE(SAT) transistors packaged in the TLM832D(TM) Tiny Leadless Module. Included in this release are the CTLM3410-M832D (Dual, NPN), CTLM7410-M832D (Dual, PNP), and CTLM3474-M832D (Complementary NPN & PNP) devices. All devices are rated at 40Volts VCBO, 1.0Amp IC, and have an impressive, low typical VCE(SAT) of 20mV for the NPN and 25mV for the PNP, at 50mA.

Compared to similar sized surface mount packages, the 3mm x 2mm TLM832D has a superior power dissipation of 1.65W. The TLM832D also provides a considerable space savings over industry standard SOT-89, SOT-223, DPAK, and D²PAK devices. These energy efficient transistors are ideal for portable battery powered electronics applications such as: DC-DC converters, LCD Backlighting, general purpose switching and signal amplification.

The CTLM3410-M832D, CTLM7410-M832D, and CTLM3474-M832D are available Bulk Packed or 3,000 pcs on 7" Tape & Reel. Prices start at US$0.18 each for the CTLM3410-M832D, US$0.18 each for the CTLM7410-M832D, and US$0.19 each for the CTLM3474-M832D. Sample devices are available upon request.

Central Semiconductor manufactures leading edge discrete semiconductors and is always eager to explore design engineers' requests for special requirements. Specifications for these devices can be found in the New Products / Latest Updates section of Central's website at: http://www.centralsemi.com/product/whatsnew/newprod/

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