Low Profile Platform Scales weigh drums and tanks.

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Designed to weigh corrosive chemicals that are loaded on/off occasionally, Digital Drum Scale, Model 4021(TM), comes in 18 in. size for cylinder-drums from 10-18 in. dia and 26 in. size for cylinder-drums from 18-26 in. dia. For tanks that are loaded on/off regularly, Model 4041(TM) is available with 24 or 30 in. square base. Both operate on 85/265 Vac and have 4-20 mA output signal. Readability is 0.1-1 lb, depending on capacity, and accuracy is 0.25-0.5% of capacity.

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Ultra-low Profile Design Drum and Tank-Platform Scales

Increase Safety and Ease of Handling of Corrosive Chemicals.

The Ultra-Low Profile design by Scaletron Industries, Ltd. for their drum and tank-platform scales means that safety and ease of handling are dramatically increased.

The Scaletron Industries, Ltd. Model 4021(TM) ultra-low profile Digital Drum Scale has been specifically designed to weigh corrosive chemicals which are loaded on/off occasionally. Two different sizes are available: The 18" for cylinders-drums from 10" to 18" in dia. and the 26" for cylinders-drums 18" to 26" in dia.

The rugged Model 4041(TM) ultra-low profile Digital Tank-Platform Scale was designed for larger tanks which are loaded on/off on a regular basis. This model is manufactured in two sizes: a 24 inch square base and a 30 inch square base.

These Drum & Tank-Platform Scales are used to accurately measure the weight of corrosive chemicals such as: fluoride, sodium hypochlorite, sodium hydroxide, sodium bisulfate, polymer, ammonia, phosphate, alum, caustic, sodium aluminate and other liquids or powders.

Both of these ultra-low profile scales operate on 85/265 volt AC. Each has a 4-20mA output signal. They come standard with the Scaletron(TM) 2nd generation 3-1/2 digit knob tare indicator with a self locking adjustment knob. The Scaleton 4-1/2 digit knob tare indicator and the Model 1099(TM) chemical process controller are available as options. The readability is 0.1 lb. (kg) to 1 lb. (kg) depending on capacity. The accuracy is 0.25 % to 0.5 % of capacity depending on the indicator. The 4-20mA outputs are selectable as scale or loop powered. All electronics are housed in NEMA 4x, UL approved enclosure to provide protection from acids.

Known for their unsurpassed corrosion resistance, all Scaletron Industries, Ltd. scales have PVC bases and metal parts are either stainless steel or are durable dry-powder polyester coated.

Like all Scaletron Industries, Ltd. scales and indicators, Model 4021(TM) Drum Scale and Model 4041(TM) Tank-Platform scale have a 5 Year Full Warranty, unsurpassed corrosion resistance, and offers both safe and easy handling of chemical cylinders.

Scaletron Industries, Ltd. located in Plumsteadville, PA is an original equipment manufacturer and World Leader in WaterTreatment Chemical Scales with a global distribution network.

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