Low Profile FLX-P(TM) Static Control Brush Patent Recognized by Prestigious ITW Patent Society

MECHANIC FALLS, Maine, March 7 -- Electro Static Technology-ITW, manufacturer of the patented FLX-P(TM) Static Dissipative Brushes and patent pending AEGIS SGR(TM) shaft grounding ring is pleased to announce that H. William Oh and Jeffrey Richardson will be inducted into the ITW Patent Society on April 17, 2006.

The Low Profile FLX-P(TM) static dissipative brush, the invention for which Mr. Oh and Mr. Richardson will be honored, is the brush of choice for static control and to ensure the reliability of laser and inkjet printers world wide. Manufactured using EST's time tested methods to provide our customers with exceptional performance, high quality, and low cost, The FLX-P(TM) achieves exceptional value while eliminating many of the concerns with aluminum, aluminum tape, woven and non-woven static control devices. The FLX-P(TM) is formulated to provide an excellent combination of low memory and flexibility, while retaining the needed rigidity for easy application in high volume mass production assembly lines.

"Our strength as a company has always been to provide the best engineered static control solutions for our customers," said William Oh, inventor and General Manager of Electro Static technology. "In addition, our manufacturing expertise and world class quality guarantees absolute assurance of supply while providing an engineering resource for R&D in the highly specialized science of static control."

Electro Static Technology-ITW is a global manufacturer and designer of Static Control Devices for original equipment manufacturers (OEM's) with over 24 years engineering static dissipative solutions for large multi-national designers and manufacturers of inkjet printers, laser printers, thermal printers, fax machines, kiosk applications, paper handling devices, and multifunction machines.

Electro Static Technology is the global leader in the elimination and/or mitigation of induced electrical charges on rotating and moving surfaces. Products include patented FLP-P(TM) static dissipative brushes for the print industry and AEGIS SGR(TM) shaft grounding solutions. Electro Static Technology is a division of Illinois Tool Works (ITW), a $10 Billion multinational conglomerate operating in 44 countries.

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Source: Electro Static Technology-ITW

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