Low-Power WiFi Chipset suits portable electronic devices.

Press Release Summary:

With die size of 20 mm², dual-chip NRX700 meets demand for VoIP and media content delivery in portable electronics while supporting need for WLAN in headsets and other audio devices. Product is comprised of SiGe RF transceiver chip (NRX510), with on chip RF power amplifier, and CMOS baseband-MAC chip (NRX701), with onchip power management. Power consumption is 130 mA at +18 dBm RF output, 53 mA during receive mode, and 0.05 mA in standby.

Original Press Release:

Nanoradio AB Launches Smallest Low Power WiFi Solution in the World!

STOCKHOLM, Sweden and BARCELONA, Spain, February 16-Nanoradio AB, the new market leader in low power WiFi, today announced the launch of its first generation WiFi chipset solution named NRX700 for portable electronic devices.

The NRX700, with a total die size of only 20mm2 is the smallest footprint in the market. Additionally, it has the lowest power consumption in the world in transmit, receive and stand-by compared to any one or two chip solution in the market today!

The target markets are mobile phones, portable media devices and other battery driven handheld consumer devices for which the NRX700 has been optimized to meet critical parameters such as power, size and cost demands.

The NRX700 is meeting the exploding demand for Voice over IP, driven by the fixed to cellular convergence, as well as the revolution in media content transforming to digital mobile media!

"The IP telephony going mobile and the transformation of mobile phones into media devices are two demands that Nanoradio is committed to meet "says Par Bergsten, CEO of Nanoradio AB

Additionally to the exceptional performance, Nanoradio is the first in the world to support the emerging need for WLAN into headsets and other audio devices and is demonstrating a full form fit function WLAN stereo HiFi headset at the 3GSM show in Barcelona this week. "By providing audio support in our chipset using the same interfaces as Bluetooth, we provide an easy integration path for companies that want to merge to a higher bandwidth and lower power consumption technology," says Mr Bergsten.

Evaluation kits of the NRX700 and NRG720 are now available and in use by selected key customers and production quantities are available from Q3-2006.

Nanoradio has expanded by over 100 % since May 2005 when it received funding by a European investor syndicate and can now support customers locally by representation in Japan, Korea, Taiwan, USA and Europe.

NRX700 Information:

The NRX700 is a two chip solution comprising a SiGe RF transceiver chip NRX510, with on chip RF PA and a CMOS baseband-MAC chip NRX701, with onchip power management. NRX700 chipset is available both as bumped die, NRX510 and NRX701, and in a system in package solution (SiP) NRG720 including RF filters, baluns and antenna switch. The power consumption for the NRX700 chipset is at +18 dBm RF output only 130mA, during receive mode 53 mA and in standby 0,05mA. For module manufacturers the NRX700 chipset offers an 1.5-2 USD cost advantage in the BOM as well as reducing total footprint compared to any one chip CMOS solution due to the integration of RF PA and power management into the chipset and the overall small die size.


About Nanoradio
NANORADIO AB was founded in March 2004 and is a new Swedish semiconductor supplier targeting the Cellular handset- and consumer electronics market.

The company is a "fabless" company providing wireless solutions that is, all manufacturing is outsourced. NANORADIO has developed a state of the art technology for integrated circuits with focus on the critical success factors for handheld products, namely, current consumption, physical size, total cost for customer and customer support. NANORADIO has a team of 50 people with extensive experience from the cellular and wireless industry as well as semiconductor industry and start-ups. Nanoradio's unique low power WLAN chipset makes high speed wireless access possible in portable electronics

For further information on the products, please contact: Nanoradio: Carl-F. Elgh, Vice President Marketing & Sales: +46-733-941400, carl.elgh@nanoradio.com, Torshamnsgatan 39, Kista, Sweden.

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