Low-Power, USB-Embedded MCUs enhance smart connectivity.

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Along with embedded full-speed USB (12 Mbps), MSP430F55xx series features integrated intelligent peripherals that include hardware multiplier, four 16-bit timers, and up to 4 interfaces of serial communication. There are 5 low-power modes, including active mode at 200 µA/MHz and standby mode at 2.5 µA, and wake-up from standby mode in less than 5 µsec. Available with 8-128 KB flash memory, series also offers analog options, such as 10- or 12-bit ADC, and integrated LDO.

Original Press Release:

Connectivity Made Smarter Via TI's New MSP430 MCUs with Embedded Full-Speed USB and the World's Leading Ultra-Low Power Consumption

Broad MSP430 MCU portfolio with USB offers lowest power consumption, best-in-class analog integration and easy-to-use support packages

DALLAS, July 21 -- With wide adoption of USB connectivity, designers are seeking smart embedded processing solutions that bring unique advantages to their applications such as longer battery life, portability and versatility. Providing easy, advanced connectivity with a robust portfolio, Texas Instruments (TI) Incorporated (NYSE:TXN) today announced the new MSP430F55xx microcontroller (MCU) family with embedded full-speed USB (12 Mbps). The new F55xx family offers the world's leading ultra-low power consumption combined with high-performance analog and other smart integrated peripherals. Helping cut the power cord, the F55xx MCUs are well-suited for cost-sensitive applications including portable measurement for medical, industrial, and health and fitness, as well as consumer electronics and a broad range of other applications. For more information, please visit www.ti.com/f5xxusb-prhome.

Key features and benefits of the MSP430F55xx
-- Five low-power modes include the industry's lowest power consumption in active mode at 200 uA/MHz and standby mode at 2.5 uA with wake-up from standby mode in less than 5 microseconds for extended battery life
-- Expanded memory range covering 8KB to 128KB flash offers easy migration path
-- High performance analog including 10-bit or 12-bit ADC options that consume less than 200uA during operation, and an ultra-low power sub-microamp comparator designed for wide application usage
-- Integrated intelligent peripherals including hardware multiplier, four 16-bit timers, and up to four interfaces of serial communication including UART, SPI, and I2C.
-- Various package options with small footprint, including 48-pin (QFP, QFN), 64-pin (QFN), 80-pin (QFP, BGA)
-- Fully integrated LDO powered directly from the 5V bus power saves cost and board space
-- Broad USB portfolio with more than 35 device options offers enhanced peripheral and analog integration, increased memory and package options, and several low-cost alternatives from the sub-$1 range

Jump-starting USB development, TI provides all the necessary tools to get projects up and running quickly regardless of a developers' USB experience. TI offers customers a free Vendor ID and Product ID (VID/PID) sharing program, saving time and money. TI's easy-to-use MSP430 Code Composer Essentials tool chain is included along with all the required hardware.

Pricing and availability

F55xx MCUs are priced from sub-$1 in large volumes. All are instruction set compatible with the entire MSP430 platform. The MSP430F552x sample kit is available now and includes two 80-pin QFN sample devices, TS430PN80USB target board and supporting documents and software to get started. The MSP430F552x MCUs are sampling today with production volumes as early as November 2009. This device is fully compatible with the $149 MSP-FET430U80USB and $99 MSP-FET430UIF flash emulation tools.

Find out more about TI's MCUs with USB and tools by visiting the links below:

-- TI F5xx MCUs: www.ti.com/f5xxusb-prhome
-- F552x product folder: www.ti.com/f5xxusb-prprod
-- TI MSP430: www.ti.com/f5xxusb-430prhome
-- MSP430 tools page: www.ti.com/f5xxusb-430prtools
-- TI microcontrollers: www.ti.com/f5xxusb-prmcu
-- MCU tools videos: www.ti.com/f5xxusb-prvid
-- TI MCU solutions for medical: www.ti.com/f5xxusb-430medprhome
-- TI solutions for medical: www.ti.com/f5xxusb-medprhome
-- TI E2E MCU community: www.ti.com/f5xxusb-pr-e2emcu
-- TI eStore: www.ti.com/f5xxusb-prestore
-- Third party support: ti.com/f5xxusb-prIAR and www.ti.com/f5xxusb-prHCC
-- Follow TI on Twitter: www.ti.com/f5xxusb-prtwitter www.ti.com/txinstruments430pr
-- Register with TI: www.ti.com/f5xxusb-mytipr

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