Low-Power MCU adds authentication to any application.

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Supplied in 16-pin TQFN package, MAXQ1004 integrates random-number generator and AES encryption engine supporting 128-, 192-, and 256-bit key sizes. These features enable secure authentication and communication schemes while resisting analytical and cryptanalysis attacks. Along with 16 KB integrated flash memory and communication options such as SPI(TM) and 1-Wire® interfaces, MCU offers power consumption rates from 3.75 mA at 6 MHz to 300 nA in lowest power stop mode.

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Microcontroller with AES Authenticates Your Application for Only 300nA

Low-power microcontroller provides AES encryption without draining the battery.

Maxim's latest secure microcontroller adds advanced authentication capabilities with minimal impact to a device power budget.

SUNNYVALE, CA-Maxim Integrated Products (NASDAQ: MXIM) introduces the MAXQ1004, a low-power 16-bit microcontroller that can add secure authentication to any application. Designed with the same security technology as Maxim's ultra-secure financial terminal microcontrollers, the MAXQ1004 integrates a true random-number generator (RNG) and a high-speed AES encryption engine supporting 128-, 192-, and 256-bit key sizes. These features enable the most secure authentication and communication schemes, while resisting analytical and cryptanalysis attacks. This type of authentication is appropriate for use in protecting revenue streams (battery pack authentication), validating peripherals (video game controllers), and implementing secure communication schemes (automotive keyfobs). With 16KB of integrated flash memory and multiple communication options (including SPI(TM) and 1-Wire® interfaces), the MAXQ1004 is flexible enough to be programmed for any kind of secure authentication application.

In addition to providing robust authentication, this microcontroller consumes very little power, making it ideal for applications where power consumption must be kept to a minimum. When operating at 6MHz, the single-cycle MAXQ1004 consumes only 3.75mA; in its lowest power stop mode, it consumes only 300nA! For applications like digital still cameras, the MAXQ1004's effect on overall battery consumption is negligible. However, for coin-cell-powered applications like keyfobs, the device provides extremely long battery life: a MAXQ1004 running from a 64mAh battery with a 0.1% duty cycle will last for 1.8 years, and with a duty cycle of 0.01%, the battery will last for over 10 years! An extremely wide operating range (1.7V to 3.6V) allows the MAXQ1004 to run from two AA batteries.

The MAXQ1004 is available in a lead-free, 16-pin TQFN package and operates over -40°C to +85°C extended temperature range. Prices start at $2.50 (1000-up, FOB USA). An evaluation kit (MAXQ1004-KIT) will be available soon-contact the factory for availability.

Maxim Integrated Products is a publicly traded company that designs, manufactures, and sells high-performance semiconductor products. The Company was founded over 25 years ago with the mission to deliver innovative analog and mixed-signal engineering solutions that add value to its customers' products. To date, it has developed over 6300 products serving the industrial, communications, consumer, and computing markets.

Maxim reported revenue in excess of $1.6 billion for fiscal 2009. A Fortune 1000 company, Maxim is included in the Nasdaq 100, the Russell 1000, and the MSCI USA indices. For more information, go to www.maxim-ic.com.

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