Low-Power, Drop-in ASP protects converged data networks.

Press Release Summary:

Based on FlowThrough(TM) architecture, SentryFlow(TM) 9150 enables interoperable security with support for multi-protocols, including Suite B algorithms such as AES/ECC, in 3 W-consuming, 23 x 23 mm footprint package. Applied Services Processor (ASP) also offers integration of IPSec, IPcomp, SRTP, and MACSec. Offering 2 Gbps full duplex encryption performance, solution integrates public key engine that includes implementation of ECC used for Suite B and traditional public key algorithms.

Original Press Release:

Hifn's Game-Changing, Low-Power, Drop-in Processor Delivers Pervasive Security for Today's Converged, Data-Intensive Networks

New SentryFlow(TM) ASP Enables Scalable, Cost-Effective, Simple Implementations with Highest Degree of Interoperability

LOS GATOS, Calif., December 9, 2008 - Hifn(TM) (NASDAQ: HIFN), the catalyst behind storage and networking innovation, today announced its newest member of the Sentry family of Applied Services Processors (ASPs), SentryFlow 9150, that delivers a complete security solution in a low power, easy-to-implement package. Based on Hifn's unique FlowThrough(TM) architecture, the SentryFlow 9150 enables interoperable security with support for multi-protocols including Suite B algorithms such as Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) and Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC), in a package using 3W of power.

"Hifn has designed a unique combination of features into the SentryFlow 9150 processor," said Bob Wheeler, industry analyst with The Linley Group. "We haven't seen any competing products that match the containment features of the 9150. And we have always recognized Hifn's FlowThrough architecture as one of the more cost effective security processors on the market. The combination of the new features, enhanced performance and the FlowThrough architecture makes the 9150 product one to watch."

The SentryFlow 9150 ASP offers easy integration of IPSec, IPcomp, SRTP, and MACSec. Using a "bump in the wire" architecture, existing solutions can gain strong security at ultra-low power, without redesign. The 9150's advanced public key engine includes the industry's highest performance implementation of ECC used for Suite B and traditional public key algorithms. All aspects of key negotiation and security association management are handled by the chip; the user only has to specify the policies to be enforced.

"Western Datacom has a history of providing advanced security solutions, and by utilizing the 9150 with hardware-accelerated Suite B, we can deliver a must-have capability for next generation security requirements," said Philip Ardire, President and CEO of Western Datacom. "We selected Hifn's 9150 because it met the stringent security, performance, and power requirements that we have for our products enabling us to maintain low latency and power for key mobile applications."

"The NSA strongly advocates use of Suite B cryptographic algorithms for national security applications and systems used by the US Government," said Dick Schaeffer, Information Assurance Director at the National Security Agency. "These algorithms have been evaluated by the National Security Agency and are sufficient, when implemented correctly, for protecting the nation's most sensitive classified communications. The broad adoption of these algorithms will enhance the security and interoperability of U.S. Government communications systems."

To achieve broad adoption, new security solutions must interoperate, scale, provide multi-gigabit performance within a 'green,' cost-effective, low power, easy to integrate design. Customers can confidently add security at all points of vulnerability in the network with the easy to integrate, costeffective SentryFlow 9150.

The SentryFlow 9150 ASP delivers advanced security features far beyond the requirements of the Suite B standard. To achieve higher levels of system security, Hifn has designed the SentryFlow family with unprecedented containment features including tamper response circuitry. When a tamper attempt is detected, the 9150's dedicated circuitry stops all cryptographic operations, destroys all secrets and keys within the chip, and zeroizes all memories that might contain secrets.

"Hifn is now delivering a proven third-generation product with the SentryFlow family," said Russell Dietz, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer at Hifn. "Pervasive security is a necessity today at all points in the network but in order to achieve broad acceptance the implementation needs to be simple, efficient and uncompromising. In the design and development of the 9150 we looked at what our customers were seeing with regards to next-generation security requirements and we created a truly green, seamless and easy to adopt security solution."

About SentryFlow 9150
o Consumes 3 watts of power
o Lowest latency of ~ 4 microseconds with deterministic performance
o Hardware-accelerated Suite B
o Advanced Containment Features including
- Tamper Response Circuitry
- Memory Obfuscation
- Key Obfuscation
o 2 Gbps full duplex encryption performance
o Small footprint - 23 mm x 23 mm

Price & Availability
Early customer samples will be available in Q109 with full production slated for Q309. The SentryFlow 9150 is priced at $120 in OEM volume quantities. For further details please contact sales@hifn.com or 408-399-3500.

About Hifn
Hifn (NASDAQ:HIFN) delivers the key OEM ingredients for 21st century storage and networking environments. Leveraging over a decade of leadership and expertise in the development of purpose-built Applied Services Processors (ASPs), we are a trusted partner to industry leaders for whom infrastructure innovation in storage and networking is critical to success. With the majority of secure networked communications flowing through Hifn technology, the 21st century convergence of storage and networking drives our product roadmap forward. For more information, please visit: www.hifn.com.

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