Low Energy Swinging Door Operator complies with ANSI 156.19.

Press Release Summary:

Designed for opening and closing heavy commercial and industrial type doors, NB-500-LE delivers drive train ratio and forward/reverse current limit resolution that enable operator to meet/exceed manual force requirements of 30 lb/15 lb. Product can be fine-tuned to stall with less than 15 lb of max force while supporting adjustment for moving doors with as much torque as 1,000 lb-in. when required. Devices support 2 Knowing Act Activation types and employs 4-quadrant, regenerative drive.

Original Press Release:

NB-500-LE Low Energy Swinging Door Operator

We are pleased to announce the addition of the NB-500-LE, Low Energy Swinging Door Operator to our product line. While fully compliant with ANSI 156.19, this operator is unique because it is designed for heavy commercial/ industrial type doors that require a drive train to power the door open and power it closed (no springs used). These doors are typically blast resistant, heavy lead lined, security doors, interior personnel doors subjected to differential pressures or entrance doors that must open and close through wind loads.

By decreasing the drive train ratio and increasing the forward and reverse current limit resolution of the basic NB-500, the NB-500-LE, meets or exceeds the manual force requirements of 30 lbs/15lb; can be "fine-tuned" to "stall" with much less than the 15 lbs of maximum force, yet still be adjusted to move these special application doors with as much torque as 1000 lb-in when required. Another safety feature included is the 4 quadrant, regenerative drive that provides protection against damaging wind loads by applying a dynamic brake to slow the door down. In addition to protecting door and hardware, this feature reduces the risk of personnel injury.

The NB-500-LE includes 2 basic types of "Knowing Act" Activation: 1) any type of momentary contact switching from push plates to push buttons or from controlled access devises such as keypads, card readers and keyswitches. 2) Push-Pull Activation- When the door is pushed or pulled on, the operator will start-up and move the door through a complete cycle of automatically opening the door, hold open time delay (HOD) and closing cycle. The amount of movement to set the door in motion is fully adjustable along with the hold open time delay (HOD) with the Data Access Unit (DAU/GT-O1 purchase separately).

The NB-500-LE has the same footprint and uses the same installation drawings as all other NB-500 operators. Available in various door openings and swing styles:

Single Swing
Main/Sub for Double Doors
Pull Open or Push Open Linkage

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