Low Cost Fuel Test for Bacteria aka Algae in your fuel

Most diesel engine problems are related to fuel problems. Diesel fuel contamination problems have two different perspectives: biology and chemistry. Thinking you have a chemical problem when you have a biological problem and treating it with the wrong chemical will not solve your problem but may compound it. The approach of the chemical salesman “this will solve your problem” after you have tried other chemicals may create a bigger problem.

The most prominent problem is excess water in the fuel and the creation of a "bio mass" aka diesel sludge that looks like algae but there is NO ALGAE in diesel fuel.

To identify these fuel problems so the proper fix can be recommended, Dieselcraft Fluid Engineering , www.dieslecraft.com, now markets a Microbe Test Kit. This simple, low cost ($16.95) fuel test kit for biological contamination will tell you in less than 48 hours what the problem is.

The test kit is a simple dip slide. The slide comes in a plastic tube and is attached to the cap. Simply take the cap, dip the slide into the fuel and then re-insert the cap and slide back into the cover tube. In 24 to 48 hours you will see if you do or do not have bacteria or mold in the fuel. If the fuel is contaminated with an indication form the test kit then the fuel needs a chemical treatment.

A dealer program is offered.

For further product information see the Dieselcraft web page at: http://www.dieselcraft.com


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