Los Angeles, September 2013 - WPSS Partners with Conveyor Handling to Meet a Global Clothing Retailers Shelving Needs

Western Pacific Storage Solutions (www.WPSS.com) was contacted by Jim Voshell, of Baltimore, Maryland-based Conveyor Handling (www.conveyorhandling.com) who requested a quote for WPSS' Deluxe shelving on behalf of a global clothing retailer with numerous distribution centers throughout North America. But, the end-user/retailer did not have budget to implement the clip-type steel shelving they had stipulated. Jim Voshell then persuaded the retailer to consider low-profile shelving.

WPSS regional sales manager Bruce Marks demonstrated a significant savings in both materials and installation when specifying a lower-profile product to an application that did not require the heavy-duty clip type steel shelving the end user had originally wanted. A detailed study of what was being stored was executed; the end result was that the retailer observed RiveTier product functionality was all that was needed to support the liteweight clothing items being stored. Further, once the end-user visited a large facility that had RiveTier units, they did not see the logic for pursuing the clip type steel shelving because their specific application was geared more towards RiveTier where they enjoyed a significant savings over material and installation costs of the clip-style. After placing the order for RiveTier, the global retailer was significantly under budget which allowed them to purchase additional low-profile RiveTier shelving, which they are currently doing. Mike Guerrero, WPSS' Engineering VP, points out that RiveTier is one of the strongest and most economical boltless systems made; boltless connections mean quick and easy assembly, no small parts to misplace which frequently translates into cutting assembly time in half. WPSS CEO Tom Rogers said, "Sometimes, boltless shelving is the best solution when the items to be stored are lighter in weight. We encourage everyone to take a second look at all possibilities while still maintaining high standards of safety."

In this situation, WPSS partnered with Conveyor Handling, a leader in providing material handling solutions since 1975. Conveyor Handling Company has developed and maintained relationships with private and public companies nationwide, as well as US and state government agencies. They were instrumental in bringing WPSS to the table to provide the final solution for this end-users' distribution centers.

About WPSS:

Over the past twenty years, Western Pacific Storage Solutions (www.WPSS.com) has experienced steady growth as a trusted supplier of industrial shelving and work platforms (mezzanines) to some of the world's largest corporations. The company's national operations span from California to Texas to Kentucky, with two manufacturing plants, and three well-stocked distribution centers

About Converyor Handling:

Conveyor Handling Company has been a leader in providing quality, cost-effective material handling solutions since 1975. Located in Elkridge on the southwest side of Baltimore, Maryland, the company has successfully partnered with customers offering them custom solutions for their unique material handling challenges. Conveyor Handling Company has developed and maintained relationships with private and public companies nationwide, as well as US and State government agencies. Furthermore, we have been recognized repeatedly by major manufacturers and integrators as a top performing solutions provider.

When you choose Conveyor Handling Company as your Material Handling Specialist, you partner with our highly skilled in-house team of professionals through every phase of your project. From design, implementation, to after commissioning service, our in-house team of sales, engineers, project managers, installation crews and service technicians determine the solution that best fits your needs. Our success has brought us buying power which will provide you with competitive prices from top equipment manufacturers and service providers around the globe. Every project is managed by our in-house team with

• innovation and creativity

• extensive industry knowledge

• value and integrity

Customer satisfaction will always remain our top priority

From purchasing equipment to a full turn-key solution, Conveyor Handling Company will provide you a worry-free process; one that will increase your productivity and profit by improving material handling efficiency.

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