Loos&Company Announces the Loosco Strech Calculator

iPhone/iPad App

The LoosCo Stretch Calculator is the first release in the Loos Mechanicals line of mobile applications designed to assist the wire rope and aircraft cable professional in the field. The Stretch Calculator application provides real time wire rope and aircraft cable elastic stretch estimates based on construction, diameter, length and load inputs provided by the user.

The application allows you to calculate the estimated stretch of your assembly or sling right in the palm of your hand.

The LoosCo Stretch Calculator application is based on the popular download available on www.loosco.com, and is available for both the iPhone and iPad. The calculator provides the following features:
  • Elastic Stretch estimates for 1x7, 1x19, 7x7, 7x19, 6x19, 6x37 Constructions
  • Elastic Stretch estimates for Stainless and Galvanized Steel
  • Elastic Stretch estimates for Cable Diameters 1/64" to 1-1/4"

    You can download your free installment of the LoosCo Stretch Calculator on our website,
    www.loosco.com, or by visiting iTunes and searching "stretch calculator".

    Coming this spring for Android OS.

    For questions concerning the download and use of the new LoosCo Stretch Calculator, contact Robert Davis by calling 860-630-4248.

    Loos & Co., Inc. is the world's leading manufacturer of Military Specification Aircraft Cable and Aircraft Cable assemblies. Loos has over 50 years of experience in the cable industry and supplies flight control assemblies to all major aircraft manufacturers. Refer to our website (www.loosco.com) for a complete listing of capabilities, including: Stainless Steel and Specialty Alloy Wire and Wire Products, Aircraft Cable, Wire Rope, and Military and Commercial Cable Assemblies.
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