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Neo-Plug, an “attractive” way to charge your device with the power of magnets.

Bensenville, IL, -- Jacob Brozek, President and CEO of Lola Wireless Inc., has launched a project on in order to produce the Neo-Plug. Neo-Plug is a new and convenient adapter that consists of 2 parts. The first part, the “adapter” slips over your existing data cable or charger and has very strong rare earth magnets on the end, neodymium magnets. These magnets allow the data cable or charger to effortlessly snap into place with the second part, the “plug”, which resides inside your iPhone, iPad or Micro USB device.

Jacob Brozek thought of the idea while driving in his car and trying to plug the charger into his phone. He said to himself “Wouldn’t it be great if the charger could just snap into place by itself when it comes close to the port,” When he returned home that night he could not stop thinking of how to plug in his charger with ease. He immediately started thinking of how to design something in order to solve his current difficultly. In order to build a working and functioning prototype he quickly thought of which components he would need to use in order to make his idea a reality.

Neo-Plug has two parts; the “adapter” slips over a manufacture provided cable, which comes with a device at the time of purchase and the “plug” is simply inserted into the device, which can be removed by the user at any time. At the end of both the adapter and plug are strategically placed gold plated neodymium magnets to ensure the Neo-Plug is joined correctly each time it is used.

Broken terminals inside a device are a thing of the past when using the Neo-Plug. So many devices need to be sent in for repair, because the charging port was damaged from too much pressure being applied to the charging connector. In some cases the terminal is beyond repair and a new device must be purchased. Connectors themselves can become damaged from too many reinserts, but Neo-Plug eliminates the likelihood of damaged hardware by simply inserting the “plug” carefully into the devices port and it remains inside the terminal.

Not only does Kickstarter allow Jacob to share the idea with prospective customer, but also allows him to identify if people are interested in Neo-Plug. All the funds will be used to bring Neo-Plug to consumers. Neo-Plug is ready for a production run, but the only challenge at the moment is funding. Backers’ support will allow the production final step to be completed and bring Neo-Plug into the market for others to utilize and enjoy.

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