Logic Signal Source is controlled via PC over USB 2.0.

Press Release Summary:

Powered and interfaced through USB 2.0 connection, GP-24100 features digital pattern generator, digital data sampling, and 16 digital data lines running at up to 100 MHz. Included 8PI Control Panel software suite with Windows GUI and TCL/tk interface offers access to C/C++ DLL that allows development of custom test programs from any C-compatible environment. Device also features triggering, pattern looping, and external I/O voltage selection from 1.8-3.3 V.

Original Press Release:

Byte Paradigm Announces PC-Controlled Logic Signal Source

CAMBRIDGE, UK - Byte Paradigm launched the GP-24100, a PC-controlled USB 2.0 high speed device featuring digital pattern generator and digital data sampling capabilities.

The GP-24100 is to be used as a logic signal source early in the digital system development cycle to substitute for components that are not yet available.

It features 16 digital data lines running at up to 100 MHz either in or out - and a total memory of 8 Mbyte. The unit is powered and interfaced through a USB 2.0 connection.

With GP-24100, Byte Paradigm targets electronic engineers and embedded system engineers with a need to test and debug their system directly on a prototype.
The GP-24100 is delivered with the 8PI Control Panel software suite, including Windows GUI, TCL/tk interface and access to C/C++ DLL. The C programming interface allows developing custom test programs from any C-compatible environment to automate and repeat specific tasks.

Other features of the GP-24100 include triggering, pattern looping and external I/O voltage selection from 1.8 to 3.3V.

In addition to its standard ADWG (pattern generator) and logic analyzer mode of operation, GP-24100 can be turned into a SPI master/analyzer and I2C master/analyzer with extra modes of operation.

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