Locking System keeps outdoor light poles upright.

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Beacon Sure-LOK(TM) System affixes high-mast aluminum and other outdoor area and street lighting poles to their bases without breakable welds. Multi-piece concealed locking system keeps poles and bases together even during high-winds, street vibrations, or pole/vehicle collisions. If pole has to be changed or removed, product can be unbolted and reused there or elsewhere. System is comprised of faceplates, tenons, base plate, and washer plate.

Original Press Release:

Lock Onto Unparalleled Safety In Outdoor Area And Street Lighting, With Beacon Sure-Lok(TM) System

New Product: Beacon Sure-LOK(TM) System. A concealed locking system that affixes high-mast aluminum and other outdoor area and street lighting poles to their bases, without breakable welds. Keeps poles and bases together even during high-winds, street vibrations or pole/vehicle collisions.

Design: Beacon In-House Product Design and Development Team.

Manufacturer: Beacon Products Incorporated, a subsidiary of Varon Lighting, Inc.

Product Applications: Beacon's patented Sure-LOK System allows outdoor area and street-lighting fixtures to remain stable and connected sturdily to their bases in high wind, heavy traffic and other "demanding" environments. It allows the better aesthetics of aluminum in place of traditional, heavier steel poles, in any commercial, industrial or municipal environ.

Sure-LOK can be used on any pole-mounted outdoor lighting type or size fixture on streets, roadways, tunnel or bridge ramps, renovated downtown or waterfront areas, corporate grounds, public and private parks and recreation areas, universities, shopping plazas, entertainment complexes and the like.

Product Description: Beacon Sure-LOK replaces standard welds between light pole and base with a simple as "one-two-three" multi-piece concealed locking system. This allows the pole to flex with the wind, ground or road-surface motions, even vehicular impact; without snapping.

Connections are up to 50% stronger than more time-consuming, potentially troublesome traditional welds. The pole base conceals and protects the locking system. If the pole has to be changed or removed, Sure-LOK can be unbolted and reused there or elsewhere, as needed.

Construction and Finishes: Beacon's Sure-LOK System comprises two-sided wrap-around extruded aluminum faceplates, two extruded aluminum tenons, a base plate with washers and nylon locknuts, and washer plate with four 12-inch hexagonal screws. Components are secured to one another. The aluminum or other light pole is inserted through the top of Sure-LOK, the screws tightened with an ordinary wrench, and light fixtures are secure.

Ordering Information: Literature, specifications and pricing for the Sure-LOK System, or other specification-grade decorative outdoor lighting products from Beacon, can be obtained by contacting Beacon Products, Inc., 6503 19th Street East, Sarasota, Florida 34243. Telephone: (941) 755-6694. Fax: (941) 751-5555. E-mail: info@beaconroducts.com. Learn more about Beacon Products on-line at: www.beaconproducts.com.

Beacon Products, is a subsidiary of Varon Lighting, Inc., manufacturers of specialty lighting fixtures, site furnishings and electronic lighting components.

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