Lock-Out Relays are designed to replace various GE models.

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Series 24 Lock-Out Relays (LORs) feature manual-, electric-, or self-reset capabilities. Manual-reset LORs have trip speeds of less than 8 msec, while electric- and self-reset models have standard-speed (12-15 msec) or high-speed (8 msec or less) trip configurations. Products have up to 10 decks in one relay, providing up to 40 independent contacts. Contacts are rated at 60 A for 1 min and 30 A for continuous current in range of 125-250 Vdc or 120-600 Vac.

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Replacement Lock-Out Relays

WEYMOUTH, MA - Electroswitch offers replacements for Westinghouse and GE Lock-Out Relays (LORs) that are worn or failing. Most models are in stock for fast delivery. Available replacements are either Series 24 or Westinghouse models. Electroswitch Series 24 LORs replace various GE models. These feature manual-, electric-, or self-reset capability. Manual-reset models are reset by the operator moving the handle back to normal. Electric-reset models can be reset either manually or through a command from supervisory control. Self-reset LORs will reset automatically once the trip has been cleared (either instantly or according to a factory-set time delay). Manual-reset LORs have nominal trip speeds less than 8 milliseconds at rated voltage, as tested on 10-deck units. Electric-reset and self-reset models have either a standard-speed (approx. 12-15 milliseconds) or a high-speed (8 milliseconds or less) trip configuration. Series 24 models can have up to 10 decks in a single relay, providing up to 40 independent contacts (2 N/O and 2 N/C contacts per deck). Contacts are rated at 60 amps for 1 minute and at 30 amps for continuous current in a range of 125-250 VDC or 120-600 VAC. Series 24 models comply with UL, CSA, and Nuclear Class 1E safety standards. A variety of trip and reset coils allows Series 24 LORs to be configured for specific applications. They are available with built-in coil monitoring and fault signal detection/indication. Standard nameplates include mechanical targets (black for reset, orange for trip). Also available is a "smart nameplate" that incorporates up to three field-selectable target LEDs. Electroswitch Type WL-2 LORs were originally designed and manufactured by Westinghouse. Purchased by Electroswitch, they are now exclusively offered as replacement units and for new applications. Available with or without handle-trip capability, these dependable relays feature a low-current magnetic trip mechanism. Electroswitch also owns the Westinghouse Type WL LOR product line and can provide replacement units for virtually all models still in service. These are available with or without handle-trip capability. Eiectroswitch customer support will provide assistance in selection for form, fit, and function replacement of existing LORs. Prices start at $30 with delivery quoted stock to 2 weeks. Electroswitch is the industry leader in the design, manufacture, and marketing of tough, reliable switches, relays, and other electrical systems products for utility, industrial, and military environments. The Electroswitch line of standard products is complemented by the company's proven ability and willingness to modify, custom design, and test their switches and relays for virtually any application. The company takes pride in meeting customer delivery requirements, no matter how stringent. For more information, contact Mr. William Conklin, National Sales Manager, Electroswitch, 180 King Avenue, Weymouth, MA 02188, TEL: (781) 335-5200, FAX: (781) 335-4253, E-mail: info@electroswitch.com, Web: www.electroswitch.com.

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