Loan Origination Software includes Web services and SDK.

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Representing data using graphs and charts, BytePro v2.1 enables multiple reports and loan files to be opened simultaneously. Loan detail reports can be created based on alert fields, conversation log entries, and processing log entries. Remote users can access loan files over Internet using Web Services feature and software development kit (SDK) enables engineers to create stand-alone applications and for add-ins to be integrated directly into menu items.

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Byte Software Releases BytePro 2.1

Enhancements include advanced management reports, Web Services and a new Software Development Kit.

Kirkland, WA - October 24, 2007 - Byte Software, a leading provider of loan origination software solutions for banks, mortgage brokers and credit unions, releases BytePro version 2.1. This latest edition to Byte Software's suite of products boasts enhanced management reports, Web Services and an all-new Software Development Kit (SDK). Additional features include interfaces to new credit and marketing partners as well as added support for ARM and interest-only loans.

Management reports have been greatly enhanced. The data can now be represented using graphs and charts, giving them more visual stimulation and greater impact. Multiple reports, as well as multiple loan files, can be opened at the same time for easy side-by-side comparison. Further enhancements include the ability to create loan detail reports based on alert fields, conversation log entries and processing log entries, as well as the ability to screen out duplicates by field, such as social security number or borrower address.

Additionally, marketing sales mailers from BytePro have been improved to assist customers in retaining borrowers and acquiring new ones by creating easy queries for existing loans based on ARM adjustments, ARM recasts, balloon due dates and prepayment penalty expiration dates.

New to BytePro Enterprise 2.1 are Web Services and the SDK. The Web Services feature allows remote users to access loan files over the Internet from their homes or while on the road. Previous versions of BytePro could use VPN, Terminal Services or Citrix technology to access loan files over the Internet. The Web Services feature adds a new option: end users simply install BytePro Enterprise software on their computer then securely connect to the remote database over the Internet.

The new SDK is a programming package which enables Byte customers and third-party vendors to develop custom applications with BytePro Enterprise. Utilizing the SDK's development tools, software engineers can create stand-alone applications requiring minimal or no user interaction. Custom add-ins can also be integrated directly into the menu items within BytePro Enterprise, giving users access to outside functionality without leaving the program. Specific applications of the SDK may vary from importing or exporting data into and out of BytePro Enterprise using industry-standard Fannie Mae and MISMO file formats, to using custom third-party interfaces to connect with web site and CRM vendors' proprietary systems.

"With the introduction of the SDK and Web Services, BytePro continues to address the needs of larger organizations," said Joe Herb, General Manager of Byte Software. "We are particularly excited about the ability for customers to use the SDK to create powerful plug-ins that extend the capabilities of BytePro. We also recognize that in a market downturn, our customers need more tools for attracting borrowers. That's why we have made it easier to contact existing borrowers whose ARMs are adjusting or balloons are coming due."

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Byte Software, founded in 1985 by mortgage professionals, is a leading provider of mortgage software solutions for banks, brokers, and credit unions. Byte Software products streamline the processes used by originators and processors, allowing them to focus on generating additional business and subsequent revenues. Byte Software is a wholly owned subsidiary of CBCInnovis, a leading provider of real estate settlement services. Byte Software can be found online at

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