Load Limiting Hoist prevents overload lifting.

Press Release Summary:

NPK NRE-1000 Hoist, offered with one ton capacity, features Automatic Load Limiter that prevents lifting of weight that exceeds hoist's load rating. Load limiter constantly monitors air pressure supplied to air motor during lifting and automatically stops hoist when attempting to lift more than hoist capacity.

Original Press Release:

New Load Limiter Hoist Eliminates Dangerous Overload Lifting

Michigan Pneumatic Tool, Inc. of Detroit, Michigan, recently announced the new NPK NRE-1000 Hoist, featuring an Automatic Load Limiter. The load limiter prevents lifting of a weight that exceeds the hoist's load rating.

The NRE-1000's load limiter constantly monitors the air pressure supplied to the air motor during lifting and will automatically stop the hoist when attempting to lift in excess of the rated load. Currently available in the one ton capacity.

For more information on the NRE-1000 Load Limiter Hoist, please contact Robert Arthur at Michigan Pneumatic Tool, Inc., 10650 Cloverdale, Detroit, MI 48204-1184, or call 1-800-521-8104, or e-mail mpt@michiganpneumatic.com.

Michigan Pneumatic Tool, Inc. specializes in air tools for all industries, including automotive, aircraft, assembly, construction and foundry.

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